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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Prepping for the County Fair - Rabbits

Prepping for the County Fair - Breeding Rabbits
Show on Thursday, March 1st
Check In 4 pm
Show at 5 pm
You should groom your rabbit often. Grooming will help your rabbit’s temperament by allowing the animal to get used to being handled. It will also greatly improve the condition, luster, body and texture of your rabbit’s coat. It will also help you establish a trust relationship with your rabbit. The rabbit will learn to trust you and hence not become as stressed when handled. This will also help you to learn your rabbit’s habits. Also remember to cut your rabbit’s nails prior to the show.

Practice Posing
Practice makes perfect! You should practice posing your rabbits properly and going through the routine that the judges will use to check your rabbits for disqualifications and placings. This is also great practice if you will compete in rabbit showmanship. If you plan to compete in rabbit showmanship, you should say aloud each step as you practice checking and posing your rabbit. This will help you build your confidence since you will need to do so during showmanship in order to demonstrate to the judge that you know your rabbit stuff!

Some rabbit breeds are posed in a specific way, while some are not judged in a posed position. It is important that you know the proper pose for your rabbit and set the rabbit in this pose during the judge's evaluation. Practicing posing with your rabbits will help keep the animals calm while the judge is handling them. A rabbit that has not been handled will be scared or aggressive and will make it difficult for the judge to evaluate it. This could hinder your placing because it will not allow the judge to see your rabbits best qualities. The Domestic Rabbit book has a tutorial that states the pose and handling of various rabbit breeds on pages 227-231. It also has detailed information regarding the different poses and how to set the rabbit on the pose from pages 221-226. Use this resource to learn how to pose your rabbit.

Transporting the animals to and from the show should be done as comfortably for the animal as possible. Exposing the rabbit to extreme heat or cold can be damaging to both the animals condition and health. Make sure that you take water bottles, feeders, feed and water to rabbit shows the rabbit show. If the rabbit it traveling in an air-conditioned car, make sure that the A/C vent is not directly blowing air at the rabbit as this can make them sick.

Be on time - Check in is 4 pm but you need to be alittle earlier if you have not done early entry. You can pick up an extra entry form at the extension office or online at KCJLS.com
It is your responsibility at a rabbit show to make sure your animals reach the judging table at the appropriate time. In order to accomplish this, one must pay attention to the order of judging, which judge will be handling your breed, and which variety and class is to be brought up for judging next. Make sure to double check your tattoo

What to Bring - Just a few items. Water, Feed, Treats (just in case the show is big and they need a snack),Rabbit grooming supplies (brush, nail clippers, rinse-less shampoo, baby wipes and a towel.), apron for you, and lint roller to clean your apron before showmanship. Just to name a few!!

Great resource for new showman is http://tx4-h.tamu.edu/explore/Explore_Rabbits.pdf

Also Texas 4-H'er has put two great videos on prepping for and doing the showmanship class. You will pay $5.00 at the gate for the class. Pee Wee do not have to pay.

Prepping for County Fair - Market Broilers

County Fair Prep Time!!! We are only 3 weeks away from county fair. This Post is for the Market broiler exhibitors. We are now just short of half way through the feeding program. You need to weigh all broilers and cull the bottom 10-15% of your pen. You can cull harder is you only entered 1 pen of 3. Birds should be rigidly culled to optimize performance. Small, sick, stunted or deformed birds should be removed when detected. Reduce flock size at 3-4 weeks of age by removing the smaller and poorer fleshed birds. Keep two or three birds for each one to be shown. Fleshing, uniformity and finish will be improved by the increase in floor and feeder space and the reduction in social pressure. Trim nails to help prevent carcass damage. Leg band the birds kept for easy identification when selecting the show pen.
UnLike other meat animals, broilers and sometimes roasters are shown in pens of three. This exhibit is intended to determine if the exhibitor understands the basic principles of meat chickens. Pens are intended to be matched as closely as possible.
This means that they should appear as ―peas in a pod.‖ A pair exhibit simulates the industry’s need for uniformity in birds that ultimately produce a uniform product that the consumer demands. The industry has uniform methods of processing millions of broilers and the consumer demands that each broiler or cut of meat purchased be identical to the previous.
The amount of muscling is determined by feeling the width of the breast and back particularly over the loin region. The breast meat is the most valuable cut of meat on the meat chicken because it yields ―white meat‖ which commands the highest market price. The width of the loin is an indicator of muscling throughout the carcass much like the loin eye area of a beef steer or market hog. The thickness of bone also indicates muscling due to the fact that the more muscling an animal has the larger the bone must be to hold the muscle. Excessive bone is not desirable because of decreased dressing percentage.
Most broiler starter rations are crumbles, which contain 20-23% protein and are fed the starter ration for about 3 weeks. Then switch to a grower ration for the remaining period. Grower feeds should be pelleted and contain 18-20% protein. Be sure to follow any label recommendations if you use medicated feeds.
Some participants develop their own special formulas for feeding their broilers. One point that is important to remember is that food intake will effect the growth rate tremendously. Therefore, any method that you can think of that will increase food intake will probably increase the growth rate of your birds. One example would be simply working with the birds and moving around the pen. This disturbs them and makes them move around the feeders and waterers. Stirring the litter will move the birds around. Keeping the birds from becoming overheated will stimulate them to eat more feed. Anytime you see the birds with their beaks open and breathing heavily you should suspect that the birds may be too hot.
Another way to stimulate feed intake is to give the birds small amounts of feed that have been moistened with water, milk, or cooking oil. You can do this several times a day. It has been observed that broilers prefer feeds with higher moisture levels, however, this additional moisture can also lead to mold and spoilage. If you are going to moisten feed then you should only make enough that the birds will consume it in about 15 minutes. Then it should be removed from the pen. You can feed the leftover feed to other birds or the culls.
Be sure you have enough feeder space so all birds can eat at once. You can use the pan or tray type feeders for the first seven days. To help them find the food, use a baking pan or a piece of paper with some feed spread across it for 1 or 2 days. After about 2 or 3 weeks, consider feeding the birds from a tube feeder. Tube feeders can easily be adjusted as the birds grow. A rule of thumb is that the feeder height should be about the height of the back of the bird when it is standing upright. Dry feed should be available at all times. If the exhibitor allows the feeders to become empty, their birds may grow at a slower rate. And fresh clean water needs to be available at ALL times.
With only 3 weeks to go remember you will need 3 “handlers” per pen entered. So start talking with your friends to see who will help. 
If you have any questions, the best way to get ahold of me is by email cl-sharp@tamu.edu.

Prepping for Kaufman County Fair - Market Steers

Prepping for the county fair. On Wednesday, February 28th will be move in day and also weigh in day for ALL projects with the exception of Breeding Sheep, Breeding Does, Dairy Goats, Rabbits, Market Pens, Market Broilers and Wether Does. This posting will focus on prepping Market Steers for the County Fair. Market Steers that you know will weigh over 900 pounds will need to be "slick". (Prospect Steers are steers that will not make the 900# weight. The prospect steers can be shown with what we call a Blow and Go show. ) The the Market Steers this means that all hair with the exception of the tail switch needs to be 1/4" or less. The Tail switch you can leave up to 10" up from the bottom of the tail.
The easiest way to do it in my opinion is to get "Texas" blades for the old Shearmaster clippers from Sullivans. Direction doesn't matter much and it all has to come off. You pretty much have to go completely against the grain of the hair to get it all. Lines disappear after 2-3 days. So prepare ahead of time but no more that 2-3 days as the hair will start to regrow. Some guys are doing it now with the little Andis clippers using T-84 blades. Typically they'll do it a week early and let it grow out a little. You can buy other Andis blades of various length to adjust to your preference. The T-84s are a little short for some project members as it is harder to hide the lines if you get alittle off.
Here are two youtube videos to help with the "how to"
If you need any help please contact Carrie by email at cl-sharp@tamu.edu

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

February 4-H Events and Activities

February 4-H Events and Activities
1st - STEM project meeting 6:30 Extension office
4th - Livestock judging practice - Amys house
5th - Kemp 4-H meeting - 6:30 pm
6th - Food Challenge Team practice
8th - Photography Project - 5:30 pm Extension office
8th - Judging Practice - 6:30 pm Extension office
9th - County Fair entry DL
13th - Crandall 4-H meeting - 6:30 pm
15th - Livestock Club meeting - 6:30 pm - Emanuel Church in Terrell
16th - District Story Board Deadline on 4-H Connect
19th - County Fair entry deadline
20th - Council Meeting - 6:30 pm
23rd - County Fair Non food entries to Fair 1 pm to 6 pm
24th - County Fair Non food entries to Fair 1 pm to 6 pm
27th - Ag Day at the Fair - Carrie will be sending assignments to session speakers but need lots of help with group leaders
27th - County Fair food entries 8-5
27th - County Liners 4-H club meeting.
Deadlines that are posted to the Council blog site and this Facebook page will be honored and are set. As this Facebook page the post page for all 4-H clubs except one. If there is a 4-H activity not posted on this Calendar page then it is not an official 4-H activity due to non extension office notification. Email most come to the 4-H agent for notification of the activity. There will be a list of official 4-H activities posted when it comes time for 4-H record book judging for judges to look at to compare to.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas from the Extension Office Family to yours. 

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe holiday in your travels and festivities. 

The Extension Office will be closed - December 22, 25, and 26th plus January 1st and 15th.

Some reminders of this month.  If you are entering the livestock show part of the county fair please pay attention to the newsletter as to what needs validated on the 16th and what needs registration papers.  I will be at the fair grounds December 16th from 8 am to 11 am for the entry process and to tag anything that needs it. 

This month many of the clubs are having their Christmas celebrations.  Please check with your club managers to see if the dates are the same or locations have moved.
County Liners - MOVED - December 12th at the Stechers Red Barn
Judging Practice - Cancelled for December we will get with you all for Christmas Break practices
Photography Project - Cancelled for December
County Wide Christmas party and Dance - Showgrounds - December 16th - 6:30 pm after Jackpot (food and fun come every 4-H family to the get together)
Council - December 19th - Extension Office
Livestock Club - December 21st, 6:30 pm BUT at the Ranch. call Amy for directions.
All Intermediate and Senior 4-H'ers the Lock In is December 30th in Plano.  You HAVE to register through 4H Connect.

On another note - we post the Official 4-H news on the County Council FaceBook page and the County 4-H Blog.  Due to the natural of social media and messaging, events change at a moments notice.  We post as much as we can on these two pages to help keep the WHOLE 4-H family connected.  Please look to these two sites for information or for contacting us about 4-H business.  This helps keep everyone connected in ALL the clubs and with the 4-H office.

Blog - http://kaufman4hcouncil.blogspot.com/
FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/Kaufmancounty4h/

Hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy/safe Holiday.

Carrie Sharp
County Extension Agent
4-H and Youth Development

Monday, December 04, 2017

County Fair Entry Deadline - December 16th

County Fair Junior Livestock Show DEADLINES!!! December 16th

December 16th is the DEADLINE for signing up for the county fair from 8 am to 11:00am.   This includes.
1. Breeding Heifers (Attach Registration Papers)
2. Breeding Registered Sheep (Attach Registration Papers)
3. Breeding Unregistered Sheep (need to be tagged in!!)
4. Breeding Registered Goats (Attach Registration Papers)
5. Breeding Unregistered Goats (need to be tagged in!!)
6. Dairy Heifers (Attach Registration Papers)
7. Dairy Goats (Attach Registration Papers)
8. Market goats (need to be tagged in!!)
9. Wether Dams and Does(need to be tagged in!!)
10. Market Lambs (need to be tagged in!!)
11. Market Hogs (need to be tagged in!!)
12. Market Broilers (Make sure you order them also!)
13. Market Rabbit Pens
14. Prospect Steers (can be done on check in day also)
15. Breeding Rabbits (done now or day of show)

IF you have an animal that has a spring major livestock tag for 2018 then you can use that number for the entry form.  ALL registered animals you need to attach the Registration Papers.  Entry forms can be printed from the KCJLS website at https://kcjls.com/  or you pick them up at the county Extension office. 

4-H Council Concession Stand Fundraiser - December 16th

Don’t forget about the concession stand fundraiser this month on December 16th. The council is hosting the concession stand during the Jackpot Show. Please look at the “Needs List” and the “Work Schedule” sign up.

Below is a hourly work schedule. If you have time to come help we would really appreciate it. Need about 8 people each section to give everyone during that time a break every now and then. At least 2 adults each session to help Ms Pandora. Clubs can sign up for a time slot and switch in and out during their three hours. Please remember this fundraiser is for the County 4-H Council to help with leadership scholarships and the banquet awards reception at the end of the year.

Friday Night – 4 pm to 8 pm
Duties – clean and setup for the next day. Few basic item will be available for sale for those moving into the barns.

6 am-9am Start up and prep/we will be doing a pancake feed also here
Need 8 people (most over the age of 10)

9 am – 12 pm switch over to lunch
Need about 8 people (most over the age of 10)

12 pm 3 pm continue of main food items
Need about 8 people (most over the age of 10)

3 pm – 6 pm continue with main food items maybe start clean up and packing up

6 pm to ? Prep for County 4-H Members Party

Many Thanks to the Ansley Family, Hiser Family, Dreher Family, McDougald Family, Bonner Family, Jones Family, Bowden Family, and the Daily Family for already donating to the "Needs List". Attached is an updated one please help the council with getting supplies for the concession stand.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Joann is a new partner. Just in time for the holiday crafts

JOANN Fabrics and National 4-H Council are partnering to bring more hands-on 4-H programs to youth in local communities across the nation. Also, just in time for holiday crafting and gift-giving, the 4-H community and JOANN customers can save money while "shopping with purpose" with the free 4-H Reward Card.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Swine Jackpot January 13th - Kaufman Showgrounds

Attached you will find a flyer, show rules, and entry form for the upcoming Kaufman Co 4-H Jackpot Swine Show.  This show will be held on Saturday, January 13th, in Kaufman, Texas. See attached flyer for all show details.
Please distribute to any interested Swine exhibitors and families you may have.

We also have an online entry form if you would like to forward to your members.

Friday, October 27, 2017

2019 Trip to Greece and Italy deadline is coming up soon!!

It’s my pleasure to announce that I am planning a tour to Italy and Greece for July 3rd, 2019! We will be traveling with Explorica Student Travel. We have chosen to travel with Explorica because of their reputations for great quality and value within the student tour industry.
The 2019 Trip to Greece and Italy deadline is coming up soon!! Don't forget the deadline to sign up to receive the $200 early enrollment is Oct 31st!! There has been questions as to the slightly higher expense compared to another group going. For this trip we have elected to have our own bus and Tour Director rather than travel with other groups. The more we get signed up the lower that fee becomes. Below is the Tour Center for you to look at. The tour fee includes round-trip airfare, all of the hotel costs, Breakfast daily, and more. It is GOING to be FUN!!!!
During our time in Italy and Greece, we’ll haggle with merchants in the crowded Florence leather markets, visit ancient Rome’s spectacular monuments including the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, and the Roman Forum, travel to the sparkling resort town of Sorrento perched on rocky cliffs, boat over to the glowing Blue Grotto underwater cave, and explore the temple ruins at Delphi and Olympic ruins in Athens.

Go to www.explorica.com/sharp-6759 to find out more!!

District Photography Contest Deadline November 3rd!! on 4-H Connect

Just a reminder.... Deadline for District Photography contest in November 3rd with the Photos needing to be to the County Extension Office by November 7th.
Some things to remember....

SPECIAL NOTE:  This photography contest has NO bearing on senior members qualifying for the state photography contest.  Members must qualify at the county level.  As such, this district contest is a standalone event and should not be confused with county or state contests.  Please consult your County Extension office for qualifying procedures within your county.
  • 4-H Connect registration opens October 3, 2017
  • 4-H Connect registration closes midnight, November 3, 2017
  • Photos are due to the County Office by November 7th
  • Results will be emailed to County Extension Offices
  • Awards and photos will be distributed to County Extension Offices
Registration.  Each participating member is required to register on 4-H Connect and pay the district contest registration fee.  When registering on 4-H Connect, you will be assessed a $10.00 fee when you select your first entry.  Subsequent entries are an additional $0.50 per photo.
Participation.  Participants must be active 4-H members enrolled in a Texas 4-H and Youth Development county program in District IV.
Age.  Age divisions are determined by a participant’s grade as of September 1 of the current 4-H year.  Age divisions for this contest are:
Juniorgrades 3, 4, or 5
Intermediategrades 6, 7, or 8
Seniorgrades 9, 10, 11, or 12
Photo Categories (categories have changed, so please take note)
  • Animals-Domestic
  • Animals-Wildlife
  • Catch-All
  • Details & Macro
  • Dominant Color
  • Elements of Design
  • Enhanced
  • Food
  • Landscape & Nature (non-animal)
  • Motion/Action
  • People
  • Plant/Flora
  • Sports
  • Theme: “Backyard”
  • Travel & Place
See descriptions below.
Awards and Judging.  Blue, Red, and White quality ribbons will be awarded in each age division/category.  In addition, best of age division (for juniors, intermediates, and seniors) and one best of show recognition (all age divisions combined) will be awarded.  Judges may also award honorable mentions at their discretion.
Eligibility of Photos.  All photos must have been taken by the 4-H member within one year prior to the entry deadline.   Photos may be submitted only one time and in only one category.  Photos may be submitted in color or black & white (monochrome); however, there are no separate divisions between the two.
NOTE:  This is NOT the qualifying contest for the state senior contest that will be held later in the spring.
Number of Entries.  Each member may enter one photo per category for a maximum of 15 photos.  There are no limits on how many photos a county can enter.
Entry Process.  All photos must be received in the District Office or the Morris County Extension office by 4 pm on March 17, 2017.  Please read the following submission rules carefully to avoid disqualification of entries.
Formatting the Photograph.  Photographs should be taken at the highest resolution possible.  Photo Mounting. All prints must be permanently mounted on PHOTOGRAPHIC MOUNT BOARD OR A BOARD OF LIKE THICKNESS (foam board is acceptable), no larger than 8″x10″. Photos must completely cover foam or mount board backing. Masonite, photo folders, corrugated cardboard or poster board is not acceptable. Entrants should be aware that double faced tape, glue, or rubber cement will not hold up when the photo is displayed under high heat or in humid conditions (use dry mounting, if possible). Matting of any kind is not allowed and will result in disqualification. Do not attach Velcro grip to the back of your photo, as doing so may damage other’s photos.
Photo size. Photos must be 8″x10″.  Panoramic shots DO NOT meet these requirements. Protector sleeves or covers will not be returned, so it is advised to simply place sheets of paper between photos to protect photos from getting scratched.  Do not attach any type of hanger on the photo.  Also, ensure any adhesives used have fully cured/dried before submitting photos and that none is exposed.  Hangers and adhesives can cause damage to other photos.
Labeling the Photograph.  Cut along the lines and securely affix a form to the back/center of each photo. Please print legibly, and make sure all check boxes are clearly marked. Duplicate this form as necessary. Agents, please double-check the age divisions and categories to make sure they match what has been entered on 4-H Connect.
Photo Optimization.  All photos should accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as it appeared.  Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization (red eye reduction, removal of dust, cropping, minor adjustments to exposure, color and contrast, applying design styles, using computer graphics) will be disqualified.
Photographs MUST NOT contain “user placed text.”  This includes such things as date stamps, comments or titles.  Text or wording that is part of the photograph (i.e. photo of a street sign, etc.) is acceptable.
Copyright and Content.  Photos that are deemed obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws are strictly prohibited.  The Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program in District IV respects the rights related to copyright laws and intellectual property.  All photos should be based on a 4-H member’s original photograph taken by the 4-H member. Use of a photo from other sources/people without permission is not allowed and will lead to disqualification of the photo and possibility all entries by the 4-H member.  The Texas 4-H and Youth Development program in District IV reserves the right to determine and refuse inappropriate or unsuitable entries.
Model and Property Releases.  Any 4-H member submitting a photograph acknowledges that they have sufficient permission of any recognizable locations or people appearing in their photograph(s).  This permission is hereby granted to both the photographer and the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program in District IV to publish and use as needed.  Written documentation should be retained by the 4-H member and will be requested by the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program in District IV if needed.
Disqualification of an Entry.  An entry that does not follow the rules or category guidelines will automatically be disqualified.  A general notice specifying reason(s) for disqualification will be noted on the score sheet.  Reasons for disqualification:
  • Extremely poor quality (resolution/size)
  • Photograph file not labeled correctly to ensure identification
  • Does not meet category criteria (see category descriptions)
  • Inappropriate or unsuitable photograph
  • Manipulation of photo beyond what is allowed
  • Photograph entered into multiple categories
  • Photo was NOT entered into the 4-H CONNECT system
  • County did not certify entry
  • Entry fee not paid or only partial fee paid
  • Broken copyright rule. Photo is not the work of the 4-H member.
  • Broken display and future rights usage rule.
  • Broken model and property release rule.
Release of Liability.  The Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, District IV 4-H and/or its employees/agents involved in the contest will not be held liable for missing, mislabeled, or non-displayed photographs.  By entry the 4-H member accepts this release.
Display, Future Rights Use Rights.  By submitting an entry to the contest, the 4-H member grants permission to the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, District IV 4-H, and any other public or private agency authorized by the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program, the use, and rights associated to the use of the photographic likeness, in promotional publications, and other media, without compensation.  Certain photos maybe used for 4-H program and marketing uses.  By entry the 4-H member accepts these conditions of display and future use.

Category Descriptions.
ANIMALS – DOMESTICPhotos focusing on the various animals that have been tamed and made fit for a human environment.  To be considered domesticated, the animal must have their behavior, life cycle, or physiology systemically altered as a result of being under human control for many generations.
Examples:  Dog, Sheep, Pig, Goat, Cow, Cat, Chicken, Horse, Cat, Chicken, Horse, Camel, Geese/Ducks (domestic use), Hamsters.
ANIMALS – WILDLIFECategory focuses on animals not tamed or domesticated and commonly found in the wild throughout the country and world. Photos can be of wildlife in nature, zoos, and/or petting zoos.
Examples:  Deer, snakes, insects, rodents, elephants, etc.
What is NOT Allowed:
Photos taken through glass
CATCH-ALLCategory for photos that do not clearly fit into one of the other categories.
Examples:  Polaroid image & emulsion transfers, still-life, long exposures, zoomed images, and painting with light.
What is NOT Allowed:
Do not submit a photo in this category which can clearly be submitted in another photography category. Catch-all is not intended for a member to use he/she has a second photo that is very similar to another photo entered in another category.
DETAILS & MACROGetting in close is the name of the game for this category. We welcome pictures of small details that suggest a larger story. This is also the place for macro photographs (although a macro image of a flower might equally go into the Plant/Flora category).
Examples:  detail of a knot, a lock, or an abstract close-up – anything as long as it is a tight composition of a detail. Macro examples include parts of a flower bloom, insects, stamps, ice crystals, clocks, coins, etc.
DOMINANT COLORPhotos with a dominant color. The dominant element in the image must be a specific color, such as red, yellow, blue, white, black, white, green, etc.
Example: bowl of lemons in a yellow bowl on top of a yellow table covering with bright yellow sunlight
What is NOT Allowed:
Black & White photos, duotones, are excluded from this category.
ELEMENTS OF DESIGNImages use of graphic elements of design. Photos that showcase line, shape, pattern, form, texture, perspective, etc. Photo can consist of any subject matter. Category is not for graphic illustrations made in commercial programs (i.e. Adobe Illustrator®) nor for extreme digital creations.
Examples:  Perspective, Line, Pattern, Shape.
What is NOT Allowed:
Graphic design illustrations made in a program such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Digital creations DO NOT qualify in this category.
ENHANCEDA single photo that has been technically manipulated to be an abstract, panoramic,
stitched or composite images. Others variations are allowed as well.Examples:  Photoshop® composites and creations, images greatly manipulated with a variety of filters, photos with artistic borders, photos stitched into a panoramic
FOODCategory is a still life specialization of photography, aimed at producing attractive photographs of food for use in such items of advertisements, packaging, menus and/or cookbooks.
Examples:  Thanksgiving dinner, cakes/pies, fruits and place settings, Easter eggs, sandwiches, ingredients, etc.
What is NOT Allowed
Photos of alcohol beverages or medicines of any kind are not allowed!
LANDSCAPE & NATURE (NON-ANIMAL)The focus of this category includes landscapes, outdoor scenics, nature images, sunsets, urban landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, and farms. Images focus on the beauty of the outdoors.
Examples:  Landscapes, Gardens, Scenics, Outdoors.
What is NOT Allowed:
Photos which primary subject is wildlife or person.
MOTION / ACTIONThe capture of movement within a single photo.
Examples:  Horse running across a field/pasture, Ferris wheel spinning
What is NOT Allowed:
Photos which would clearly fit into another category, such as sports.
 PEOPLEPhotos focus from all walks of life, parenting and family, children, babies, models/fashion, sports, and couples. All individuals in the photos must have provided consent and permission as a subject. If requested, a release will be needed from the photographer and subject.  See Model and Property Releases.Examples:  Babies, Kids, Family, Models/Fashion
PLANT/FLORAPhotos of interesting, unique, and beautiful flowers and flora. Photography can occur outdoors or indoors.  Photo subject should be that of a single flower, plant, bush, tree, etc. Large collections of plant/flora should be considered for entry into the Nature & Landscape category.
Examples:  A rose, an upward shot of a tree, a flower bouquet, etc.
SPORTSPhoto that captures individual or team sports.  Can be either professional or amateur (human) and the focus could be on the sportsperson, the sport environment, the effort expended, or the conflict/rewards. Must reflect a strong message.
Examples:  Gymnast, football player or team, swimming, rodeo contestant
THEMEFor 2017-2018 the theme is “BACKYARD”. This creative category will feature photos what one
would see when stepping out your back door.Examples:  Kids swinging, Swimming pool, Person mowing yard, Garden/Flower Beds, etc.What is NOT Allowed:Photos should not be of ranch rangeland, but focus on immediate outside area of one’s house.
TRAVEL & PLACE This category includes images that express the joys and adventures of travel photography,
showcasing place as an important part of the photo.  This category can include historic buildings, ruins, islands, any subject you might encounter while traveling, as long as the photo expresses a sense of PLACE.Examples:  Disney World/Land, Roman Ruins, Great Wall of China, Stirling Castle, etc.What is NOT Allowed:Photos in the travel and place category cannot be entered into other categories (landscape & nature), but may be similar, however, photos in this category must depict traveling and
experiencing other parts of the world.

JUDGING CRITERIA.  Each photograph will be judged against the following set of judging criteria, and not against photographs of your peers. The photo will be awarded either a blue, red or white ribbon. The elements for judging the photographs will be:
IMPACTImpact is the sense one gets upon viewing an image for the first time. Compelling images evoke laughter, sadness, anger, pride, wonder or another intense emotion. There can be impact in any of these twelve elements.
CREATIVITYCreativity is the original, fresh, and external expression of the imagination of the maker by using the medium to convey an idea, message or thought.
TECHNICALTechnical is the quality of the image itself as it is presented for viewing, which includes the following aspects:
  • allowable amounts of retouching and adjustments (removal of red eye, cropping, minor straightening)
  • sharpness and and correct color balance.
  • lighting, which includes the use and control of light. The use of lighting whether natural or man-made and its proper use to enhance the image.
  • Posing and capturing of the image
COMPOSITIONComposition is important to the design of an image, bringing all of the visual elements together in concert to express the purpose of the image. Proper composition holds the viewer in the image and prompts the viewer to look where the creator intends. Effective composition can be pleasing or disturbing, depending on the intent of the image maker.
SUBJECT MATTERSubject Matter should always be appropriate to the story being told in an image (i.e. the category the photo is entered into) in an image. Subject matter also includes the center of interest for the photograph or where the maker wants the viewer to stop and they view the image.
STORYTELLINGStorytelling refers to the image’s ability to evoke imagination. One beautiful thing about art is that each viewer might collect his own message or read her own story in an image.