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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Texas 4-H Rabbit Extravaganza Info

The Texas 4-H Rabbit Extravaganza Show Catalog has been posted on the Texas 4-H Website athttps://texas4-h.tamu.edu/events/rabbit-extravaganza/ and is also attached here. Please check the website for updates as information is added.

Registration will open tomorrow, August 15, 2019, at noon and go through September 10, 2019.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Hear YE Hear YE!! Texas 4-H Roundup 2019-2020 Info

The word is OUT!!! Look here to start planning for the District Contests!  We will know more on dates and District Rules after September....

The State 4-H Office along with our contest superintendents are working to finalize the 2019-2020 Texas 4-H Roundup Guide and specific contest rules and guidelines. You have received several updates already directly from Dr. Gardner related to Food Challenge, Food Show and Healthy Lifestyles. These along with other contest updates that are finalized have been posted to our website at https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/events/roundup/.

You can expect to have the updated Roundup Guide by August 12th.  Also as announced July 2018, our Beef and Swine Quiz Bowls will be will be transitioning to a Livestock Quiz Bowl and Nutrition Quiz Bowl will become an FCH Quiz Bowl. Our goal is to have the Resource information released August 12th as well. We realize many Districts host fall contest therefore we are doing our due diligence to get everything updated as soon as possible so that you may be able to share with coaches and members.


Inviting all 4-H'ers across the state of Texas to compete in the Midland County Fair Food Challenge! Counties can bring an unlimited number of youth. More information is available at these links:

Monday, May 13, 2019

County Camp Out – June 8-9

County Camp Out – June 8-9
Kemp 4-H has invited us on a camp out!!! We will be traveling to Purtis Creek State Park.  The cost for the camp out is $10 per senior 4-H’er or $20 per family.  The camp sites have already been reserved so we just need you!!  Activities include team building, a scavenger hunt, GEO caching, Canoeing, Fishing and basic trail fun.  Fun starts at 2 pm on Saturday, June 8 and ends at 11:30 am on Sunday.  Sign up on

Multi County Camp – July 15-16

Multi County Camp – July 15-16
Planning for the Multi County Camp in Lone Star, Texas is once again started.  This year a full three days of fun are centered on the Theme – “Explore 4-H.”  Come have fun with 4-H’ers from 6 other District IV counties.  4-H’ers from 8 yrs and in 3rd Grade to 18 Yrs old has fun at the Lake front camp. Registration is $115.00 for 3 days and 2 nights of fun and activities.  (Registration is Due May 31st.)

Record Books/Award Applications – Deadline June 7th

Project Record books and Annual Banquet Award applications are due June 7th to the county Extension office.  Information and help guides can be found on:  http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/recordbooks/

Judging County Record books on June 15th at the county Extension office at 9:00a.m.
Avoid the Rush; Fill Out Your Award Applications Today!
Now is the time to think about what awards you would like to apply for this year.  The following is a list of awards Kaufman County 4-H will give this year.  The only way to win a county award is to fill out an application for the achievement pin you are applying for and to have done a record book in a project area.  Some awards will be based upon an interview process. Award interviews will be on June 25-27, 2018 at the Kaufman County Extension Office.

Applications and guidelines can be found on the Extension website http://kaufman-tx.tamu.edu/publications.  If you have any questions please call the office.

2019 State Fair of Texas Lamb/Goat Validation

2019 State Fair of Texas Lamb/Goat Validation
If you bought a tag for the State Fair Market Goat and Lamb shows we will be tagging on June 20th  at the North Forney FFA Show Barn at 10 am p.m. and also June 28th at the County Showgrounds in Kaufman, TX at 5 pm

State Steer Tag In – June 25th and 27th

State Steer Tag In – June 25th and 27th  
Major Steer Tag In will be held at Dr. Risinger’s Vet Clinic in Terrell on June 25th , at 6:30 p.m. Please Do Not arrive before 6:30 p.m.
And June 27th at the Mabank FFA Barn starting at 5 pm.  This is for ALL MAJOR shows validation!!!

2019 Fall Show Heifer Validation

Fall Show Heifer Validation is for any fall junior heifer shows.  We will be validating on June 27th  at the Mabank FFA Barn at 5 p.m. and June 28th at the County Fair Grounds at 5 pm. 
We are verifying ownership, registration paper upload and physical validation. A $15.00 per heifer fee will be collected. PLEASE DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR HEIFERS TILL DIRECTED. 
** Heifers validated last fall or summer will not need to be validated unless there has been a change in breed or ownership. **
***YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE YOUR PAPERS IN YOUR NAME AND HEIFER AT THE VERIFICATION DATE. Make sure your heifer is tattooed and the tattoo is correct matching the papers. If it is not, we will not validate your heifer. ****

East Region 4-H Horse Show

East Region 4-H Horse Show

The East Region 4-H Horse Show will be held Tuesday-Wednesday, June 18-19th at the Texas Rose Horse Park, in Tyler, TX.  Grounds will be open at 3-9 pm on Thursday, June 28th, for early arrival and early check-in with registration beginning at 7am on Friday, to the end of the last class on Friday and starting again at 7am on Saturday.  

All entries for the East Region 4-H Horse Show will be done on 4-H Connect.  4-H Connect will be open starting on May 10th, and closes at midnight on Friday, May 25th   NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED NO EXCEPTIONS. The entry sheet is only a tool for the contestants and parents to work from before going on 4-H Connect.  It is not a valid means of entry and will not be accepted

2019 State Fair of Texas Creative Arts Competition

The State Fair offers more than 1,100 categories in 12 departments to be entered and judged before the fair begins on September 28th.  The Fair also offers 24 daily contests during the annual exposition.

2019 Important Dates
·         April: Online Registration Begin
·         June 18 : Registration Deadline for Cook-off Contests
·         June 29: Lottery for Cook-off spots
·         July 19­­: Registration Deadline for Pre-Fair Contests
·         July 20: Pre-Fair Mail-In Entries Due
·         August 10 – 12: Pre-Fair Entry Take-In at Fair Park
·         September 22: Big Tex BBQ & Chili Challenge
·         September 28 – October 21: Post-Fair entry give-back

After judging, all exhibitors will be notified of their entry’s status via mail or email.  Also, keep an eye on www.bigtex.com where they post all the judging results.

Friday, April 05, 2019

LEAD Academy - June 10-13

The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program is excited to announce a new opportunity for our High School age 4-H members. This year, June 10-13 in College Station, we will be offering LEAD Academy. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about college opportunities and what it takes to get there, serve their community, and gain valuable life skills in a true college setting. Our goal of this activity will be to provide the opportunity for young people to connect, learn, engage, lead and impact their communities, their country and their world. The event will be designed to engage youth in hands-on educational activities in which they explore, practice and master existing and newly developed skills/knowledge in civic engagement, civic education and personal development. The objective is to provide youth a broad- based learning experience in which they will acquire practical knowledge and skills to reinforce the attitudes and motivation that will give them a heightened sense of responsibility and capacity to connect as active members of their communities, nation and world. From this experience, we hope the youth attending will apply what was learned in their real world experiences in which they develop leadership skills using their voices, work, ideas and/or behavior to make a difference in their community, country and world.

LEAD Academy participants may also be competing at Texas 4-H Roundup, but LEAD Academy is NOT limited to Roundup competitors.


Monday, June 10th
10:00 am – 12: 30 pm   Registration Open
  1:00 pm –  2:00 pm     Keynote Speaker, Mr. James Olson, former CIA and Senior lecturer                                        at the Bush School
  2:30 pm  – 5:30 pm     College/Career Tract Sessions (attendees will select one)
1.    Ag & Livestock
2.    STEM
3.    Health & Nutrition
4.    Natural Resources
5.    Vet/Medical
6.    Leadership/Public Service
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm       Closing Session

Tuesday, June 11th
TBD           Day of Service in Bryan College Station
7:00 pm     Texas 4-H Roundup Assembly
9:00 pm     Kickoff event
Wednesday, June 12th          
TBD            College/Career Preparedness focused workshops
7:00 pm      Texas 4-H Roundup Assembly
9:00 pm       DJ’d Dance
Thursday, June 13th
TBD             Real world/life skills focused workshops
7:00 pm       Roundup Assembly
9:00 pm       Closing Concert

State 4-H Roundup Invitational and Workshop Opportunities

If you did not have the opportunity to qualify through district competition for the State 4-H Roundup well hold the horses!!! There is SSOO much more to do at the Texas 4-H Roundup.  Take a LOOK!!
Invitational Contests!!!!
The following contests do not require individuals to qualify at district level contests. Contests are open to all 4-H members who are in the 6th – 12th grades as of the September 1, 2018 school year. (That’s Intermediates AND Seniors!!)
• Agriculture Product Identification               
• Archery
• Discover Scientific Method Research Poster
• Entomology Identification
• Healthy Lifestyles
• Hippology
• Invitational Livestock Judging
• Invitational Meat Judging and Identification
• Livestock Skill-a-thon
• Photography Judging
• Poultry Judging
• Soil Judging
• Swine Quiz Bowl
• Robotics Challenge
• Vet Science Skill-a-thon
• Wildlife Challenge

Some of the contests allow Intermediates to move up to the senior division. Intermediate Age youth can compete as a Senior to complete a team for SOME Invitational Contests. Those choosing to do so, will be eligible for awards in that level only. Intermediates moving up would be considered as Seniors for ranking. This will NOT be allowed for the following contests: Hippology, Healthy Lifestyles, Livestock Skill-A-Thon, Poultry Judging, and Soil Judging as these contests allow for national competition open to Seniors aged youth only.

Project Information

Project Talk

Order Time for State Fair Projects and Major Steers Deadline to order April 12th.
Attached to the newsletter is an order form for the Major Steers, Fall Show Heifers, State Fair Market Lambs, State Fair Market Goats
Form to use is linked here.  

Physical Validation Dates 
State Fair Market Goats and Lambs
June 20th – North Forney Ag Barn – 10 am
June 28th – County Fair Grounds – 5 pm

Fall Heifer Validations
June 25th – Risinger Vet Clinic – 6:30 pm  UNBROKE HEIFERS (ie they are not halter broke)
 June 28th - HALTER BROKE HEIFERS ONLY – County Fairgrounds – 5 pm

Major Steer Validation
June 25th – Risinger Vet Clinic – 6:30 pm
June 27th – Mabank FFA Barn – 5 pm

The State Fair Breeding Gilt is NEW this year.

Dog Project Orientation Meeting – April 30th 6:00 pm - Extension Office
We will be kicking off the 4-H Dog Project for the summer.  I have updated the online resources for the dog project for you to get started.  Youth who are planning to participate in this year’s dog project are highly encouraged to attend the orientation meeting as it will help you get off to a great start for this year’s dog project. 
Proof of Rabies Shots must be carried with you at all times when traveling with your dog in Texas. Tags or a receipt will not substitute for the Rabies certificate. If your veterinarian does not use current forms, the documentation must include:
• Vet signature                                     • Vet license number
• Name, brand, and lot number of drug used
• States: Rabies Certificate                • Date given

Region 4-H Horse Show – June 18-19
New Place and New Dates!!!  This year the Region 4-H Horse will be held on June 18-19 at the Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler Texas!!  Don’t forget to get Horse Projects validated on 4H Connect to be able to participate.

Multi County 4-H Camp

Explore 4-H Camp!!!

Please note – registration is due to your county Extension office.  And camp registration packet can be found on your Family 4H Connect page.
Again, youth will need to be signed out by an adult – parent, volunteer or county agent - - - we don’t want anyone to get left at camp or wonder where & who they left with.  ALL campers MUST to be picked up by 10 am – parents are invited to come to the closing & awards presentation.

2019 Camp Workshops
Foods – Outdoor Cooking    -    Archery    -     STEM   -    Healthy Lifestyles (team games)
Nature/JMG  -  ROPES station – zip line (conducted by trained camp employees)


Forms:  (All Of These Forms Are Required) – to be turned in with fees
  • Extension Waiver/Medical Form
  • Camp Health/Medical Forms
  • Code of Conduct Form
  • Registration Form
  • $115 registration fee

Thursday, March 07, 2019

County Food Show - March 21st

County Food Show
March 21st @ 4 pm 
Location: St Ann’s Church, Kaufman
Schedule.  The following schedule applies to all contestants, helpers, and judges.  Times are subject to change.

Information letter can be viewed by tapping this link

Sign up deadline March 19th on Google Forms
Check-in & Orientation
4 p.m.
Conclusion of contest
Contestants will check in to the designated holding room and place his/her dish in the assigned location.  After check-in, only contestants and contest officials are allowed in the holding room.  Contestants will be divided and seated by age divisions and food show categories.  After checking in, contestants will sit at their designated seat and await further instructions from contest officials.  After all judging has completed and prior to the awards ceremony, spectators will be allowed back in to the holding room.
Registration. Each participating member is required to register on Google Forms. Registration will open on March 8 and close on March 19th, 2019. Participants will email his/her summary of food project experiences and recipe at the time of registration on the google form.  If no summary is included, then the entry is void.  The summary of experiences as well as the recipe will be judged, so please make sure your information is well-written, complete and accurate.

Participation. Participants must be active 4-H members enrolled in a Texas 4-H and Youth Development county program in District IV.  Members will be allowed to enter both the food show and food challenge contests.

Age. Age divisions are determined by a participant’s grade as of September 1 of the current 4-H year. Age divisions for this contest are:

Clover Kids – Age 5 to 8 yrs in 2nd Grade                       Junior – Grades 3,4,5
Intermediate – Grades 6,7,8                                             Senior – Grades 9,10,11,12

For District - Entries per county. Each county may have one member per food category per age division. The first placed individual in each senior category will qualify for state. Only entries competing in county will advance to district.

Theme. The theme for this year’s district Food Show is “Restaurant Re-Creations”.  “Restaurant Re-Creations” is a theme intended to help 4-H members increase their knowledge of where food originates and the importance of agriculture and farming.

Contest categories/divisions. The four contest categories listed and defined below are:
·         Main Dish: Food classified as main dish usually contain a meat or meat alternate such as cheese, eggs, dry beans or peas, and peanut butter.  They also may contain other foods.  Dishes may include beef, veal, pork, variety meats, poultry, eggs, fish and shellfish.  Other possible dishes include meat loaves, souffles, omelets, soups and chowders.
·         Fruit & Vegetable: Side dishes are foods that are usually served along with a main dish or as accompaniments to the main course.  Foods in this category should be those in which the main ingredients is a fruit or a vegetable.  Suggested dishes may include salads, cooked vegetables, cooked fruit, and combination vegetable dis
·         Breads & Cereals:  The foods in this category should contain foods made from wheat, oats, rice, rye, barley, millet, quinoa and/or corn.  Examples of entries for this category include quick breads such as muffins and biscuits, yeast breads, oatmeal, and pasta.
·         Nutritious Snacks: For this category, look for recipes high in nutrients which provide lasting energy to sustain an individual between meals.  Examples of nutritious snacks include: red pepper hummus, oven roasted chickpeas, or oatmeal energy balls.
Judging for Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions.
Each contestant will start with a maximum four-minute presentation to introduce themselves and their dish. You should describe your inspiration in choosing your recipe and how it relates to the theme, “Restaurant Re-Creations”.

Question and Answer
Judges will have the opportunity for a four-minute interview asking questions applicable to the attached scorecard. It includes but is not limited to basic nutrition, food safety and preparation as well as project experiences. Being familiar with the information from the recommended study resources in the Guidelines will improve your interview success.  D4-Food-Show-Sample-Questions

At the conclusion of the question and answer period you will have one-minute to serve the judges a portion of your dish.  This will allow judges to visually evaluate the dish you have prepared.  Contestants are encouraged to practice proper food handling techniques when presenting food to the judges.

Judging for Clover Kid Divisions
Each Contestants will start by introducing themselves and their dish.  Tell the judges why you choose the recipe.
At the conclusion of the interview, clover kids will serve one serving to the judges.

The food should be presented in a serving dish with a serving utensil.  The dish should be presented to the judges as if it were about to be placed on a table for a family dinner. In some instances, it is not necessary to present to the judges the entire recipe.  For example, if a recipe makes two loaves of bread, only one loaf needs to be presented for judging.  Serve judges only a small portion of food using the paper products provided or contestants may bring their own serving dishes.  You will serve one serving to the judging panel, not a serving to each individual judge.

Fancy or elaborate placemats, linens, centerpieces, candles, etc., are not to be included with the dish as it is presented for judging interviews.  Contestants should use only serving dishes and utensils appropriate and necessary to present and serve the dish to be judged.   You may bring your own serving tray if desired.
1.      Only edible garnishes (listed in the recipe) are allowed with the food show entry.
2.      Contestants are encouraged to wear clothing consistent with professional and safe food handling practices.
3.      No alcohol or alcohol-containing ingredients may be used.
4.      Due to food safety concerns, the judges will not taste the entries.
5.      Food Show Questions – The attached questions are to be used simply as a guideline for all age groups. The judges are not required to stick to this set of questions nor will participants necessarily be asked any of the listed questions. It is best for the 4-Hers to know the steps necessary to prepare their dishes, the nutrient content of their dish and possible recipe substitutions.
6.      There will not be a microwave, oven, stove, etc. available in the holding area for heating food.

County Roundup and Share the Fun - March 16th

Educational Presentations & Public Speaking
March 16th @ 1:00 pm
Location: Kaufman County Extension Office
 Schedule.   (times are subject to change)
1  PM
Contestant Check-in Begins
2:00 PM
Contestants in Place/Orientation, Judging Begins Following Orientation
Registration.  Each participating member is required to register on the google form
 Registration will begin on March 7th and close at midnight March 12th.
Participation. Participants must be active 4-H members enrolled in a Texas 4-H and Youth Development county program in District IV and be eligible to compete according to UIL rules.  The top 3 senior entries in each category will qualify for state.

Age. Age divisions are determined by a participant’s grade as of September 1 of the current 4-H year.  Age divisions for this contest are:

Clover Kids – Ages 5 yrs to 8 yrs in 2nd grade         Junior – Grades 3,4,5
Intermediate – Grades 6,7,8                                         Senior – Grades 9,10,11,12

Qualifying to District Entries per County. Each county may enter an unlimited number of teams/individuals per age division listed above.  To participate in the District IV 4-H Roundup, County members need to participate in the County Roundup on March 16th or turn in a Video of the presentation by March 15th which will be played to the judges the day of the contest. The video needs to feature the presentation only and not the set up.  12 minutes max for the video. If you need assistance in recording you can sign up for time and I will assist with the recording at the extension office.

There are new limitations or recommendations for juniors and intermediates as it relates to equipment and visual aids.  Outlined below are the age-division specific rules for educational presentations:
No computer aided/projected presentation equipment allowed.  Posters and an easel is a suitable and recommended alternative.  Props and other visual aids are allowed.
Computer aided presentation equipment is allowed, but posters are highly recommended and encouraged.  Props and other visual aids are allowed.
Any type of presentation equipment, props, and visual aids are allowed (if also allowed by state rules).
For County an easel, table and screen will be provided in each room. 

For District Participants are required to bring 100% of their own equipment (props, posters, easels, personal computer, visual aids, extension cords, etc.), with the exception of a screen and table, which will be available in each presentation room.  Contest officials will not have any equipment such as computers, projectors, or video adapters available.  It is the contestant’s sole responsibility to secure and bring all necessary equipment, and to know how to operate and troubleshoot it.

Participants with disabilities.  If you need any type of accommodation to participate in this program or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact the district office at least 2 weeks prior to the program or note such needs when registering on 4-H Connect.
Contest Rules.  See the rules posted below on the District IV 4-H Events Page

Live Animals.  Live animals will NOT be allowed in any contest at district.

Individual or Team of 2 (NEW!)

TOPIC SUBJECT:  Subjects in the Educational Presentations should address emerging or current issues in each of the contest areas. Some contests provide a suggested list of topics that the Educational Presentation talk can cover along with a resource list. Senior contestants are encouraged to research these emerging and/or current areas to develop current and new presentations.

ACCURACY OF INFORMATION/RESOURCES:  With the computer and internet being used heavily in Educational Presentations, 4-H members must know the difference between research and non-research based information.
Contestants are required to use information that is factual and can be supported through adequate documentation. Examples of such websites are federal, state, and local governments, independent research sites, and Texas AgriLife Extension Service websites. Internet information that is questionable includes personal documentation sites, chat rooms, message boards, etc.
4-H members should prepare a list of references (i.e. bibliography, works cited) for their presentation. Appropriate credit should be given for references used.
SUBJECT MATTER: The skills and knowledge used in any 4-H contest should be the result of experiences in a project in which the member has participated. A presentation should relate to the contest entered, should contain current information, and should not be better suited for another contest. It should also be appropriate for the member’s age and experience.

TIME LIMITS:  A time limit of 12 minutes will be allowed for each Educational Presentation. An additional nine (9) minutes will be provided for on-stage arrangements and cleanup in connection with the presentation. A penalty of two points per minute or partial minute overtime will be deducted from the final score.
VISUALS:  The use of charts, photographs, computer graphics/programs, and other visual materials are permitted (see equipment rule above for age division limitations). Visuals should contribute to the presentation. Each presentation is an example of the participant’s ability to communicate an idea.
JUDGES’ QUESTIONS:  Judges and/or Superintendents may ask contestants’ questions at the end of their presentation. This will be done on the judge’s time. Only official judges and superintendents may ask questions of the contestants.
SCORECARDS:  4-H Educational Presentation Score Sheet, 4-H 3-5.041 (Revised Aug. 2005) will be used by contest judges in scoring Educational Presentations regardless of presentation style (method demonstration, illustrated talk, or speech.)
Separate scorecards are used in Public Speaking and Share-the-Fun. All score sheets are available on the Texas 4-H and Youth Development publication website.
JUDGES GIFTS/HANDOUTS:  Gifts (of any kind) may not be presented to the judges in any contest. Handouts that are complimentary to the presentation and educational in purpose may be made available to the entire audience.
Category Descriptions (NEW/REVISED CATEGORIES FOR 2019)
            Weblink for categories is https://d44-h.tamu.edu/event/educational-presentations-public-speaking/

Neat Resources for preparing for the educational presentations:
            How to give a Presentation YouTube by 4-H’ers –

                Online entry google form - https://goo.gl/forms/nI5G0L0bm8OivieI2 

Share the Fun

March 16 @ 4:00 pm

Location: Kaufman Extension Office
Registration.  Each participating member is required to register on the google form
( https://goo.gl/forms/nI5G0L0bm8OivieI2  ) Registration will begin on March 7th and close at midnight March 12th.
For County Contestants may try each of the Share the Fun Contests.  BUT for District, Contestants may enter 1 Share the Fun category from each column below.
For those entered in two contests that occur at about the same time, please use the following guide:
·         Food Show and Educational Presentations/Public Speaking – compete at Food Show first, then immediately after you have been judged, report to your Educational Presentation room.  We have scheduled your Ed. Pres. for later in the order, plus it starts 1-hour later than Food Show. 
·         Share the Fun – Group 2 (Saturday) and Consumer Decision Making – compete in Share the Fun first.  Immediately after your performance, report to CDM.  We have scheduled your STF performance early in the order. 
·         Seniors may qualify in 1 category from each column below.
May 4; 5 PM Start Time
May 5; 4 PM Start Time
Celebrate 4-H
Choreographed Routine
Solo/Band Performance
Remember – for seniors.  If you qualify from district to state you need to be aware that this schedule with be what you can enter for each day of the State 4-H Roundup.  So use the chart below to plan accordingly.  ( Page 9)