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Friday, July 13, 2018

Youth Beef Cattle Short Course 2019

The BCSC youth program is a hands-on opportunity for youth to learn more about the beef cattle industry. All attending youth will have the opportunity to participate in a live cattle evaluation, beef quality demonstration, beef carcass competition, beef fabrication hands-on demonstration, sensory and preparation hands-on demonstration. Students will be fed breakfast Monday through Wednesday, lunch and dinner on Monday and Tuesday. They will also receive the 600+ page proceedings, ticket to the Famous Texas Aggie Prime Rib Dinner, refreshments and trade show admittance. All attending youth must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is registered and attending the BCSC. This program is limited to 45 youth so register early! Students must be between the ages of 13 and 18 to participate.
So go to https://beefcattleshortcourse.com/youth/ to get registered or find more information.

2019 State 4-H Roundup Competition NEW Guidelines are UP

A copy of the Texas 4-H Roundup Guide can be downloaded from https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/events/roundup/.  This is an awesome opportunity to go through and start planning for the County/District competitions that will be held in the spring.

Contest Rules will also be posted at https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/events/roundup/. We will notify everyone when they are uploaded

2019 Texas 4-H Roundup Guide
Changes, Reminders and Clarifications for 2018-2019 4-H Year

  •  Food Challenge Teams will consist of team of 3 – 4 members.
  • Food Show categories will be Main Dish, Fruits & Vegetables, Breads & Cereal, and Nutritious Snacks
  • Quiz bowl teams will be made up of 4 team members.
  • Updated Quiz Bowl Contest Rules and resources will be released by September 1, 2019
  • Educational Presentations will consist of Individuals or Teams of 2.
  • Categories for Educational Presentations (See Roundup Guide for category descriptions)

1.       Agricultural Technology & Farm Safety
2.       Animal Science
3.       Beef
4.       Horse
5.       Health & Wellness
6.       Open Agriculture & Natural Resources
7.       Open Family & Consumer Sciences 
8.       Safety & Injury Prevention
9.       Promote 4-H
10.   Open
  • Soil and Poultry Judging Contest Rules are in review and will be updated.

  • Specific contest rules will be posted in the Fall 2018. Our goal is to have all Qualifying Contest rules posted by September 1, 2018.
  • Soil Judging will remain Invitational for 2019.
  • Entomology Identification will remain Invitational for 2019.
  • Dairy Judging - Texas 4-H does not coordinate a state level contest. The Texas 4-H utilizes the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Contest as our contest to determine who will represent Texas 4-H at the national contest opportunities.
  • Youth MAY NOT participate in more than one contest in a day. A schedule has been posted which outlines what day each contest will be held. A schedule with time/locations will be posted in April with the registration information.

Substitutions (Page 3)
  • Only the number of 4-H members who qualify at district will qualify for state.
  • Substitutions are allowed in the event of an emergency or unexpected circumstance and a team member can no longer compete at state.
  • The purpose of making a substitution is to keep the original number of team members that competed at District eligible to compete at State.
  • Substitutes must be 4-H members from the same county and certified as having competed at the district level in another 4-H contest.
  • *NEW* The deadline for requesting any substitutions, except for an emergency, is the close of the regular Roundup Registration deadline. If substitutions occur during the late fee period, additional fees may be accessed.


       1 member            No Substitutions Allowed
             2 or 3                  1 member
             4 or 5                  2 members
             6 or more            3 members

Substitutions of team members may involve a monetary fee depending on the time of substitution.

Intermediates participating as seniors in Invitationals (page 6)

Intermediate Age youth can compete as a Senior to complete a team for SOME Invitational Contests. Those choosing to do so, will be eligible for awards in that level only. Intermediates moving up would be considered as Seniors for ranking. This will NOT be allowed for the following contests: Hippology, Healthy Lifestyles, Livestock Skill-A-Thon, Poultry Judging, and Soil Judging as these contests allow for national competition open to Seniors aged youth only.

2018-2019 Major Livestock Show Updates

For all the livestock project members. The link below has the "Livestock Show Updates". For new members this is the updates and information the big livestock shows provide on changes or dates of their shows. I will be working on the links for each of the shows in the next few weeks.

This link also have the dates for the 2019 KAUFMAN COUNTY JUNIOR LIVESTOCK SHOW.

If you have questions about any of the shows, please email me you have any questions.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dance Project members hosting Dance for Kaufman County 4-Her's

Isaac Stecher and the Dance Project would like to invite Kaufman County 4-H'ers on May 25th starting at 6:30 pm to their last Dance project meeting.  
It would be a pot-luck style event hosted at The Stecher Red Barn with music and dance floor provided. It would be a casual dance (like swing and waltz songs as well as the normal country 2-step) .

Monday, May 14, 2018

Very Cool Record Book Resource

It is May 15th SSOO that means less than 2 months to recordbook and award applications to be turned in (June 8th to be exact). So many questions are heading my way about the 4-H record books and how to prepare to do them. I found out that the last link was not working for some so I am attempting to fix it.
Well there is a GREAT resource. Awesome 4-H Agent Tamra McGaughy has a neat Video recording to help families with their record books.
"Taking Control of Your 4-H Recordbook "
(1hr 21 min 9sec) After watching the “general information”, if you would like to skip ahead to a specific grade divisions, here are the minute/ second section breakdowns: Junior Division (3rd-5th grade) – (16:18); Intermediate Division (6th -8th grade) – (35:00); Senior Division (9th-12th) – (56:07); Closing Remarks – (1:17:12)
You may have to paste and cut the link below to a new Webpage tab.

Friday, May 04, 2018

Congratulations to All District Roundup Contestants!!!

District 4-H Roundup was held in TAMU Commerce last weekend.  Congratulations to all of the Kaufman County 4-H members.  You all rocked!!!

Junior Food Show
Maddox Henderson-  3rd in Protein division with his dish
Mason Henderson-  4th in Grain division with his dish
Jostyn Weddell- 5th in Fruit & Vegetable division with his dish

Senior Food Challenge Team
Makayla Townsend, David Townsend, Christian King, and  Hannah Figueiredo placed 4th their first time out as a team.

Fashion Show
Grayson Elam 1st Construction Division- Theater and Costume Design category

Junior Educational Presentation
Faith Bowling 5th in Open Ag category with her talk on African Violets
Cassidy Daily 2nd in Sheep & Goat category with her talk on How to Care for Your Goat Herd
Maddox & Mason Henderson 3rd in Sheep & Goat category with his talk on All About Sheep
Eli Stecher 6th  in Companion Animal category with his talk on Raising Rabbits

Intermediate Educational Presentations
Caiden Garcia 3rd in Open category with his talk on Graphic Design with Photoshop
Lauren Jones 3rd in Beef category with her talk on Beef Education
Alyssa Sullivan 2nd in Clothing & Textiles category with her talk on How to Make Your Own Jewelry
Hannah Maxwell 5th in Open Ag category with her talk on Edible Landscaping

Senior Educational Presentations
Grayson Elam 4th in Open category with his talk on Viking Misconceptions
Laina Elam 7th in Open category with her talk on The Fascinating World of Talking Birds
Peyton Elam 6th in Open category with his talk on Music Theory
Noah Garcia & Makayla Townsend 1st in FCS Open category with their talk on Plating Like a Pro
Cody Jones 2nd in Beef category with his talk on Raising Beef Show Cattle 101
Seth Maxwell 2nd in FCS Open category with his talk on Eating Healthy on the Go
Donatello Mojica 8th in Open category with his talk on To Outline or Not to Outline
Isaac Stecher 1st in Open category with his talk on The Anatomy of the Human Voice
Reuben Stecher 2nd in Open category with his talk on The Power of Saving
Jared Sullivan 3rd in Open FCS category with his talk on Doughnuts
David Townsend 3rd in Open category with his talk on Effective Communication for 4-H & Life

Public Speaking
Callie Sullivan 1st in Public Speaking category with her speech on Why People Should Read More Books

Junior Share the Fun
Mason Henderson, Maddox Henderson and Jostyn Weddell 1st  with their Celebrate 4-H Skit - “4-H  911 Emergency Call Center

Intermediate Share the Fun
Chaeli Brookins 6th  with her Vocal- “You’re Not Sorry”
Hannah Maxwell, Noah Anderson, Alyssa Sullivan, Leah Sullivan 2nd with their Vocal Group “America Medley”

Senior Share the Fun
Noah Garcia 2nd with his Instrument Piano- “Waterfall”
Grayon Elam, Peyton Elam, Jarred Sullivan with their Solo Band - 1st
Jessalyn Anderson 2nd with her Solo Band- Scarborough Fair “Medhel An Gywns Medley”
Isaac Stecher, Seth Maxwell, Jared Sullivan, Callie Sullivan, and Jessalyn Anderson 1st with their Vocal Group A Capella “It is Well With My Soul”

Senior Fashion Show
Grayson Elam – 1st – Construction Costume

Photography Judging
David Townsend 2nd placed in Senior photography judging contest
Makalya Townsend 4th placed in Senior photography judging contest
Cassidy Daily 2nd placed in Junior photography judging contest

Ag ID Judging
Cassidy Daily – 2nd in Ag ID judging

Horse Project News!!!

East Region 4-H Horse Show

On Thursday starting at 10 am there will be a clinic for young riders to get help with show day prep.  Equine Ambassadors will be present to help work on fitting tack, prepping for showmanship classes (ie-grooming, fitting, making sure the halter is fitted correctly, and helping with the pattern) plus riding basics.  Cost is $20 per rider.

On Thursday night June 28th at the Henderson County Fairgrounds in Athens Texas there will be Barrel Exhibition and Pole Bending Exhibition starting at 7:30 pm for $10 for 3 runs.

Also, they will host a Trail class practice starting at 7:30 pm where the actual trail patterns for the next day’s trail classes will be set for exhibitors to see and ride over the course.  The practice will cost $10 for 15 minutes to be in the arena on the course.  Only 5 horses will be allowed in each time slot, so plenty of room to practice the course.  In addition someone from the show will be in the arena to help with figuring out the obstacles.  You do not have to be entered in the class to practice the Trail class.

District Adult Horse Leader Training – May 19th
The District Horse Program Committee is working on opportunity for the 4-H horse project leaders. On May 19th working with TAMU Commerce Horse Unit we will be starting a 3 part series on the horse project. The First Part is a Hands on and Resource Sharing. The Second will be for Adult Horse Project Leaders on the "Riding Program". This will be held in the fall (August/ September) and then the third will be another in December. Those leaders that attend the First training will receive a discount on the next two workshops.  Registration will be on 4-H Connect.

State Horse Show Rules and Regulations
The 2018 State 4-H Horse Show rules and regulations are ready at http://animalscience.tamu.edu/academics/equine/state-4h-show/   Please feel free to distribute to your 4-H’ers. 
If you should have any questions please call the Extension office.

Multi County Camp Registration Deadline coming up!!!

Multi County Camp – July 9-11 

Planning for the Multi County Camp in Lone Star, Texas is once again started.  This year a full three days of fun are centered on the Theme – “Explore 4-H.”  Come have fun with 4-H’ers from 6 other District IV counties.  4-H’ers from 8 yrs and in 3rd Grade to 18 Yrs old has fun at the Lake front camp. Registration is $115.00 for 3 days and 2 nights of fun and activities.  (Registration is Due May18th.)

County Council Meeting

Council Meeting

The next 4-H Council Meeting will be held Tuesday, May 15th, at the Kaufman County Extension Office at 6:30 pm. This will be Nomination Night for the elections for the 2018-2019 Council Officers.  So it will be really important that each club is represented.  If you are unsure who your reps are please contact Carrie at the extension office.  Those youth that have attended 50% or more of the council meetings are eligible to run for office.
Elections will be June 9th at 1 pm after record book judging.

Summer Validation Schedule

Project Talk

State Fair of Texas will be held September 28 – October 21, 2018.  If you bought a tag for the State Fair Market Goat and Lamb shows we will be tagging on June 22nd   at the Kaufman FFA Show Barn at 3:30 p.m.

State Steer Tag In – June 21st
Major Steer Tag In will be held at Dr. Risinger’s Vet Clinic in Terrell on June 21st , at 6:30 p.m. Please Do Not arrive before 6:30 p.m. This is for ALL MAJOR shows validation ONLY!!!

Fall Show Heifer Validation is for any fall junior heifer shows.  We will be validating on June 22nd at the Kaufman FFA Barn at 3:30 p.m.  We are verifying ownership, registration paper upload and physical validation. A $15.00 per heifer fee will be collected. PLEASE DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR HEIFERS TILL DIRECTED.  IF your heifers are not halter broke bring them to the Steer Validation on June 21st at Risinger’s Vet Clinic.
** Heifers validated last fall or summer will not need to be validated unless there has been a change in breed or ownership. **
***YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE YOUR PAPERS IN YOUR NAME AND HEIFER AT THE VERIFICATION DATE. Make sure your heifer is tattooed and the tattoo is correct. If it is not, we will not validate your heifer. ****

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dessert Social for New Families - May 10th, 6 pm

Families with 1-3 years in 4-H. We are hosting a Dessert Social on May 10th at the extension office. We look forward to you all coming and share a dessert of your favorite and also to meet with the Staff and the New appointed task force for New Families to learn how to make 4-H better for the "New to 4-H Families". We will start about 6 pm. Look forward to all the great desserts and meeting the new families.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

County Roundup Judging Contest Results!!!!

Congratulations Kaufman County 4-H'ers!!!  You all did awesome!!
Consumer Decision Making
Junior Division
1st Emily Daily                     Livestock Club
2nd Tristan Dreher                County Liners
3rd Maddox Henderson      Kemp 4-H
4th Cassidy Daily                  Livestock Club
5th Emma Mayes                 County Liners

Intermediate Division
1st Abigail Gironimi             Livestock Club
2nd Grace Bowden               Livestock Club
3rd Hannah Maxwell           County Liners
4th Caiden Garcia                 County Liners

Senior Division
1st Noah Garcia                    County Liners
2nd Makayla Townsend      County Liners
Photography Judging
Clover Kids
Emma Burls          Kemp 4-H
Ella Burks             Kemp 4-H

Photography Judging
Junior Division
1st Cassidy Daily                  Livestock Club
2nd Faith Bowling                 County Liners
3rd Eli Stecher                       County Liners
4th Sophia Gibson                County Liners
5th Kailyn McDougald        Livestock Club
6th Emily Daily                     Livestock Club
6th Tristan Dreher                 County Liners
6th Sarah Gironimi               Livestock Club

Intermediate Division
1st Hannah Maxwell            County Liners
2nd Caiden Garcia                 County Liners
3rd Mary Beth Beam           Livestock Club
4th Abigail Gironimi            Livestock Club
5th Gabriel Gibson               County Liners
6th Grace Bowden                Livestock Club

Senior Division
1st Makayla Townsend       County Liners
2nd Noah Garcia                   County Liners      
3rd David Townsend            County Liners

Adult Division
1st Alyssa Gibson                 County Liners
2nd Morgan Mayes              County Liners
3rd Jennifer Garcia               County Liners
4th Emma Gibson                 County Liners
Ag ID Judging

AG ID Judging
Clover Kids
Ella Burks                             Kemp 4-H
Emma Burls                          Kemp 4-H

Junior Division
1st Faith Bowling                  County Liners
2nd Kailyn McDougald       Livestock Club
3rd Emily Daily                     Livestock Club
3rd Sarah Gironimi               Livestock Club
3rd Emma Mayes                 County Liners
4th Eli Stecher                       County Liners
5th Tristan Dreher                 County Liners
5th Cassidy Daily                  Livestock Club

Intermediate Division
1st Hannah Maxwell            County Liners
2nd Gabriel Gibson               County Liners
3rd Mary Beth Beam           Livestock Club
3rd Abigail Gironimi            Livestock Club
4th Caiden Garcia                 County Liners

Senior Division
1st Noah Garcia                    County Liners
2nd David Townsend           County Liners      
3rd Makayla Townsend      County Liners

Adult Division
1st Alyssa Gibson                 County Liners
2nd Jennifer Garcia              County Liners
Vet Science Judging

Vet Science
Junior Division
1st Eli Stecher                       County Liners
2nd Sarah Gironimi               Livestock Club
3rd Cassidy Daily                 Livestock Club

Intermediate Division
1st Cheyenne Babovec       Livestock Club
2nd Keller McDougald        Livestock Club
3rd Grace Bowden                Livestock Club
3rd Mary Beth Beam           Livestock Club

Senior Division
1st Reuben Stecher               Livestock Club

Junior Division
1st Sarah Gironimi                Livestock Club
2nd Faith Bowling                 County Liners
3rd Eli Stecher                       County Liners
3rd Cassidy Daily                 Livestock Club
4th Emily Daily                     Livestock Club

Intermediate Division
1st Mary Beth Beam           Livestock Club
2nd Abigail Gironimi            Livestock Club
3rd Keller McDougald         Livestock Club
4th Hannah Maxwell           County Liners

Project Validation/Entry Deadlines

District Event Deadline Dates

District IV Round Up entry deadline is April 6th, with 4-H’er entered on 4-H Connect.
Educational Presentations           Food Show
Public Speaking                             Consumer Decision Making
Leaders 4 Life                                Nutrition Quiz Bowl
Horse Quiz Bowl                           Beef Quiz Bowl
Share-the-Fun                                Fashion Show
Duds to Dazzle

Livestock Judging entry deadline is April 6th on 4-H Connect. The District IV Livestock Judging Will be held on April 21st, at College Station.

Texas 4-H Horse Validation –March 1st – April 15th $10 per horse Late Validation – April 16th – May 1st $20 per horse.
Horse Validation is completed for EACH HORSE and will cover all 4-H Youth members in that family profile. However, when validating your horses on 4-H Connect, you will select ONLY ONE 4-H youth member to conduct the validation under.  Once a horse is validated, validation paid, and you begin registering for district horse show, the validate horse(s) can be moved to the appropriate 4-H member(s) that will be exhibiting the horse in the show.

For Validation/Re-Validation instructions go to http://texas4-h.tamu.edu and click on the animals project and click on horse and horse show website to select 2018 Horse Validation Instructions for Families. If you need any assistance   please contact the office at 972-932-9069.

2018 State Fair of Texas Validations –Lamb & Goat Tags
It’s time to be thinking about the State Fair of Texas and ordering tags for your lamb and goat livestock projects by April 13, 2018, tag price is $15.00 per tag, late tag prices are $25.00. There will be NO orders taken by phone and payment must be made by check or money order made payable to 4-H Council Fund.

2018 State Fair of Texas Swine Validations
It’s time to be thinking about the State Fair of Texas and ordering tags for your Market Swine livestock project by April 13th 2018, tag price is $15.00 per tag, late tag prices are $25.00. There will be NO orders taken by phone and payment must be made by check or money order made payable to 4-H Council Fund.

State Steer Tags
Time is fast approaching for each of you to make decisions on how many ear tags will be needed for the 2018 State Steer Validation Program. This is for any 4-H member who is thinking about showing in any of the Major Junior Shows (ie. Ft. Worth, San Antonio, San Angelo, Houston, Austin, etc.) Enclosed is the 2018-2019 Texas 4-H/FFA Steer Validation tag order form. Orders must be received to the County Extension office by April 13th, tag price is $15.00 per tag, late tag prices are $25.00 per tag.  There will be NO orders taken by phone and payment must be made by check or money order made payable to 4-H Council Fund.

State Heifer Validation
It’s time to be thinking about the validation for the 2018-2019 State Heifer Validation Program. This is for any 4-H member who is thinking about showing in any of the Major Junior Shows.  Orders must be received to the County Extension Office by April 13th.

Texas 4-H Outdoor Challenge 2018

Texas 4-H Outdoor Challenge
Do you love the great outdoors? Are you up for a fun, physical and mental challenge? If so, mark your calendars for June 22-24, 2018 for the Texas Outdoor Challenge to be held at Seguin Outdoor Learning Center. Grab a friend. Learn, practice, and train to compete in a series of ten outdoor events, and then join us in June to test your knowledge and skills at the Texas 4-H Outdoor Challenge!
Registration begins May 1st thru May 30th on 4-H Connect limited to the first 50 teams to have both members registered. Fee $35 per team member.  Check out the web page for contest rules and more details: http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/outdoor

Multi County 4-H Camp - July 9-11, 2018

Multi County 4-H Camp – July 9-11
Planning for the Multi County Camp in Lone Star, Texas is once again started.  This year a full three days of fun are centered on the Theme – Explore 4-H”.  Come have fun with 4-H’ers from 6 other District IV counties.  4-H’ers from 8 in 3rd Grade to 18 has fun at the Lake front camp. Registration is $115.00 for 3 days and 2 nights of fun and activities. Registration packet will come in the May newsletter (Registration is Due May25th.) 

National 4-H Week - April 15-21, 2018

National Volunteer Week April 15-21, 2018
National Volunteer Week is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. It’s about demonstrating to the nation that by working together, in unison, we have the fortitude to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals. National Volunteer Week is about taking action, encouraging individuals and their respective communities to be at the center of social change—discovering and actively demonstrating their collective power to foster positive transformation.

So...Hey Volunteers…. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Although our 4-H Clubs traditionally recognize leaders and helpers at the end of the 4-H year, now is also a good time to give them an extra pat on the back.

Below are several suggestions for recognizing volunteers (an excellent job for your club’s junior leaders!).
   Distribute cookies or cupcakes to local merchants, 4-H supporters and volunteers.

   Have 4-H’ers and alumina write thank you notes to volunteers that have touched their life.

   Plant trees in the community commemorating volunteer contributions.

   Develop a Behind the Scenes Award especially for those whose actions are not usually in the limelight.

   Just for fun, put together a volunteer’s survival packet. You might include:
   Rubberband- Thanks for stretching you limits your patience, your flexibility and your endurance.
    Kite String- You can soar to whatever heights you choose.
    Lollipop- Thanks for your help in licking the challenges.
Heart Sticker- Thanks for your ability to reach out and touch other people’s lives.
Mint- You’re worth a mint!
Box of Raisins- Thanks for raisin’ us to a new level through your volunteer efforts.
Candle- No one can hold a candle to you!
Cake or cupcakes- You take the cake as an outstanding volunteer.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Prepping for the County Fair - Rabbits

Prepping for the County Fair - Breeding Rabbits
Show on Thursday, March 1st
Check In 4 pm
Show at 5 pm
You should groom your rabbit often. Grooming will help your rabbit’s temperament by allowing the animal to get used to being handled. It will also greatly improve the condition, luster, body and texture of your rabbit’s coat. It will also help you establish a trust relationship with your rabbit. The rabbit will learn to trust you and hence not become as stressed when handled. This will also help you to learn your rabbit’s habits. Also remember to cut your rabbit’s nails prior to the show.

Practice Posing
Practice makes perfect! You should practice posing your rabbits properly and going through the routine that the judges will use to check your rabbits for disqualifications and placings. This is also great practice if you will compete in rabbit showmanship. If you plan to compete in rabbit showmanship, you should say aloud each step as you practice checking and posing your rabbit. This will help you build your confidence since you will need to do so during showmanship in order to demonstrate to the judge that you know your rabbit stuff!

Some rabbit breeds are posed in a specific way, while some are not judged in a posed position. It is important that you know the proper pose for your rabbit and set the rabbit in this pose during the judge's evaluation. Practicing posing with your rabbits will help keep the animals calm while the judge is handling them. A rabbit that has not been handled will be scared or aggressive and will make it difficult for the judge to evaluate it. This could hinder your placing because it will not allow the judge to see your rabbits best qualities. The Domestic Rabbit book has a tutorial that states the pose and handling of various rabbit breeds on pages 227-231. It also has detailed information regarding the different poses and how to set the rabbit on the pose from pages 221-226. Use this resource to learn how to pose your rabbit.

Transporting the animals to and from the show should be done as comfortably for the animal as possible. Exposing the rabbit to extreme heat or cold can be damaging to both the animals condition and health. Make sure that you take water bottles, feeders, feed and water to rabbit shows the rabbit show. If the rabbit it traveling in an air-conditioned car, make sure that the A/C vent is not directly blowing air at the rabbit as this can make them sick.

Be on time - Check in is 4 pm but you need to be alittle earlier if you have not done early entry. You can pick up an extra entry form at the extension office or online at KCJLS.com
It is your responsibility at a rabbit show to make sure your animals reach the judging table at the appropriate time. In order to accomplish this, one must pay attention to the order of judging, which judge will be handling your breed, and which variety and class is to be brought up for judging next. Make sure to double check your tattoo

What to Bring - Just a few items. Water, Feed, Treats (just in case the show is big and they need a snack),Rabbit grooming supplies (brush, nail clippers, rinse-less shampoo, baby wipes and a towel.), apron for you, and lint roller to clean your apron before showmanship. Just to name a few!!

Great resource for new showman is http://tx4-h.tamu.edu/explore/Explore_Rabbits.pdf

Also Texas 4-H'er has put two great videos on prepping for and doing the showmanship class. You will pay $5.00 at the gate for the class. Pee Wee do not have to pay.

Prepping for County Fair - Market Broilers

County Fair Prep Time!!! We are only 3 weeks away from county fair. This Post is for the Market broiler exhibitors. We are now just short of half way through the feeding program. You need to weigh all broilers and cull the bottom 10-15% of your pen. You can cull harder is you only entered 1 pen of 3. Birds should be rigidly culled to optimize performance. Small, sick, stunted or deformed birds should be removed when detected. Reduce flock size at 3-4 weeks of age by removing the smaller and poorer fleshed birds. Keep two or three birds for each one to be shown. Fleshing, uniformity and finish will be improved by the increase in floor and feeder space and the reduction in social pressure. Trim nails to help prevent carcass damage. Leg band the birds kept for easy identification when selecting the show pen.
UnLike other meat animals, broilers and sometimes roasters are shown in pens of three. This exhibit is intended to determine if the exhibitor understands the basic principles of meat chickens. Pens are intended to be matched as closely as possible.
This means that they should appear as ―peas in a pod.‖ A pair exhibit simulates the industry’s need for uniformity in birds that ultimately produce a uniform product that the consumer demands. The industry has uniform methods of processing millions of broilers and the consumer demands that each broiler or cut of meat purchased be identical to the previous.
The amount of muscling is determined by feeling the width of the breast and back particularly over the loin region. The breast meat is the most valuable cut of meat on the meat chicken because it yields ―white meat‖ which commands the highest market price. The width of the loin is an indicator of muscling throughout the carcass much like the loin eye area of a beef steer or market hog. The thickness of bone also indicates muscling due to the fact that the more muscling an animal has the larger the bone must be to hold the muscle. Excessive bone is not desirable because of decreased dressing percentage.
Most broiler starter rations are crumbles, which contain 20-23% protein and are fed the starter ration for about 3 weeks. Then switch to a grower ration for the remaining period. Grower feeds should be pelleted and contain 18-20% protein. Be sure to follow any label recommendations if you use medicated feeds.
Some participants develop their own special formulas for feeding their broilers. One point that is important to remember is that food intake will effect the growth rate tremendously. Therefore, any method that you can think of that will increase food intake will probably increase the growth rate of your birds. One example would be simply working with the birds and moving around the pen. This disturbs them and makes them move around the feeders and waterers. Stirring the litter will move the birds around. Keeping the birds from becoming overheated will stimulate them to eat more feed. Anytime you see the birds with their beaks open and breathing heavily you should suspect that the birds may be too hot.
Another way to stimulate feed intake is to give the birds small amounts of feed that have been moistened with water, milk, or cooking oil. You can do this several times a day. It has been observed that broilers prefer feeds with higher moisture levels, however, this additional moisture can also lead to mold and spoilage. If you are going to moisten feed then you should only make enough that the birds will consume it in about 15 minutes. Then it should be removed from the pen. You can feed the leftover feed to other birds or the culls.
Be sure you have enough feeder space so all birds can eat at once. You can use the pan or tray type feeders for the first seven days. To help them find the food, use a baking pan or a piece of paper with some feed spread across it for 1 or 2 days. After about 2 or 3 weeks, consider feeding the birds from a tube feeder. Tube feeders can easily be adjusted as the birds grow. A rule of thumb is that the feeder height should be about the height of the back of the bird when it is standing upright. Dry feed should be available at all times. If the exhibitor allows the feeders to become empty, their birds may grow at a slower rate. And fresh clean water needs to be available at ALL times.
With only 3 weeks to go remember you will need 3 “handlers” per pen entered. So start talking with your friends to see who will help. 
If you have any questions, the best way to get ahold of me is by email cl-sharp@tamu.edu.