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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Rodeo Austin looking for Youth to sing National Anthem

Rodeo Austin Opportunities
Youth are needed to sing the National Anthem and recite pledges at Rodeo Austin before the Junior Shows as well as the Longhorn and Open/Youth Boer Goat Shows. Below is the information that is also included on the SignUpGenius link. 

National Anthem – Youth will need to submit a video as those spots will be assigned. Email videos to Cory at cory.hundl@ag.tamu.edu by February 3rd

Listed below are opportunities for youth to volunteer to sing the national anthem and recite the American, Texas Pledges, the FFA motto and the 4-H Pledge at the shows for Rodeo Austin.
·         Longhorn Show - Saturday, March 16th - Show starts at 9:00 am
·         Market Lamb & Goat Show - Tuesday, March 19th - Show starts at 9:00 am
·         Market Poultry Show - Wednesday, March 20th -Show starts at 11:00 am
·         Open Boer Goat Show - Thursday, March 21st - Show starts at 9:00 am
·         Barrow Show - Saturday, March 23rd - Show starts at 9:00 am
·         Barrow Show - Sunday, March 24th - Show starts at 9:00 am
·         Market Steer Show - Tuesday, March 26th - Show starts at 9:00 am
·         Market Steer Show - Wednesday, March 27th - Show starts at 9:00 am
·         Jr. Breeding Heifer Show - Friday, March 29th - Show starts at 9:00 am
·         Jr. Breeding Heifer Show - Saturday, March 30th - Show starts at 9:00 am

For those interested in this leadership opportunity, please sign up using this online form. You will need to plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the species show in which you are volunteering. One parking and one gate pass will be provided for the youth who is volunteering (provided you do not already have any) and the passes will be mailed to the address provided. You WILL NEED to provide your address when signing up.

When you register, please select the option to use alternate name and in the "First Name" box , list the first and last name of the youth member. In the "last name" box, list the 4-H County or FFA Chapter in which the youth is a member.

If you would like to sing the national anthem, a video needs to be emailed to Cory by February 25th as those spots will be assigned.

If you have questions, please email Cory at Cory.hundl@ag.tamu.edu

Monday, January 14, 2019

Tackle Hunger

Help Texas 4-H Tackle Hunger!
We're teaming up with Souper Bowl of Caring and we need your help! Groups throughout the state will join forces during January 14 – February 3 to collect food donations and/or monetary donations to donate to a local hunger relief organization. All efforts benefit LOCAL families who utilize LOCAL hunger relief agencies. 

Volunteers Needed for State Photography Judging

Are you interested in serving with the 2019 Texas 4-H Photography Contest?
Learn more about the contest at:
Sign up today to be a judge at: https://fs4.formsite.com/state4h/judgephotos/index.html

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Good Luck to All of the Stock Show Exhibitors Heading to Spring Majors!!

Good Luck to All of the Stock Show Exhibitors Heading to Spring Majors!!

Fort Worth Livestock Show
Junior Heifers
Angus –
Rocco Slabotsky         Grace Bowden
Maine Anjou –
Landon Voge     Cody Jones      Emily Jenkins
Red Angus –
Cheyenne Voge
Polled Hereford –
Lauren Jones
Horned Hereford –
Maddie Jenkins
Chianina –
Rebekah Jo Gosnell
Simmental –
Cheyenne Babovec     Morgan Jackson

Junior Market Steers
Rebekah Jo Gosnell
Junior Market Lambs
Mason Henderson
Junior Breeding Sheep
Langlee Brown   Amanda Lambeth  Case Lambeth   
Caleb Newland   Hailey Knight         Taylor Bosher
Hannah Tackett
Junior Poultry
Jayden Holstein

Calf Scramble
Hannah Tackett          Eli Tackett
Lauren Jones              Breanna Beckendorf
San Angelo Livestock Show
Junior Wethers
Mason Henderson     

Market Steers
Maddox Henderson

Junior Heifers
Rocco Slabotsky         Grace Bowden
Red Angus
Cheyenne Voge
Maine Anjou
Landon Voge              Cody Jones
Emily Jenkins
Cody Jones
Lauren Jones
Maddie Jenkins

Breeding Sheep
Langlee Brown            Hailey Knight
Amanda Lambeth                  

Intermediate Team
Mason Henderson                  Maddox Henderson
Makinley Richardson
Junior Team
Makenna Dotson                     Ella Burks
Jocelyn Waddell                      Zane Hinkle

Creative Talent Deadlines for County Fair

County Fair Talent Entry Information
Entry Deadline –
Early Deadline – February 8th
Late Deadline – February 19th
Forms can be found on KCJLS.com


Non Food Creative Talent items checked into the County Fair
February, Thursday the 21st – 1 to 5 pm
February, Friday the 22nd – 1 to 5 pm

Food items check into the County Fair
February, Tuesday the 26th, 8 am to 5 pm 

4-H Record Books and Project Records Take 2

Record Books and Project Records
The new 4-H year has started!  Don’t forget to write down your community service, volunteer leadership and other activities on a calendar to help organize your books. The state and county record pages are available on the Texas 4-H website.  Last month we talked about setting goals.

Record-Keeping Process

Journaling - As Things Happen Record keeping is going to be an important part of a member’s life. Members will keep records in high school, in college, and at work whether they own their own business or work for someone else. Now is the time to learn how to keep good records. The most important thing about 4-H record keeping is to find a comfortable way to collect information. Some of the most common ways of keeping up with 4-H records include a calendar, an index box, smart phone, computer, or a notebook. These are further defined below.

A. Calendar Method – Keep a calendar in a handy location (such as on the refrigerator) and every time the member does something related to 4-H, school, church or other organizations, write it down. Then at the end of each month place the calendar in a safe place until it is time to assemble the Record Book.

B. Index Box Method – Get a 3-inch by 5-inch box, index cards and some dividers. Label each of the dividers as one of the sections in the report form discussed later in this guide. Then each time the member does something, write it down on an index card, then file the card in the section marked by the divider. For example: If the 4-H member were to go to the nursing home for recreation with the residents, then have him/her write it down and put the card behind the community service divider. After maintaining the “4-H File Box” for a year, pull the cards out and select the most important activities for the 4-H Record Book. Do not forget to date each card.

C. Binder or Spiral Notebook Method – Grab an old school binder or notebook and organize each activity by type or by date. This is an easy first step to start out until the member gets the hang of record keeping.

D. Electronic Device – If an electronic device is available, use an “app” or some other software to record or document activities, trainings, clinics, leadership roles, service activities, project experiences, etc. iPhone users can download an App “4-H Livestock Record” that is helpful to track project activities and finances (livestock and non-livestock).

Reflecting – Looking Back Below are some questions to help a member start reflecting on his/her project experiences as he or she prepares to complete a Record Book.
• What did you learn from your project(s)?
• Did you meet any of your goals? If so, what helped you attain those? If not, what were some
• obstacles that might have prevented you from reaching your goals?
• How did your project change or grow within the year or from previous years?
• Did you serve in any type of leadership capacity? • What impact did your involvement have on you, your club, or community?
• How have your project experiences influenced your future career choice?

A family guide and the forms can be found on the State 4-H Website at:

Kaufman 4-H Council News

Council Meeting
The next 4-H Council meeting will be held Tuesday, January 15th, 6:30 p.m. at the Extension office.  Agenda includes –
-County Fair Ag Awareness Booth
-County Fair Volunteer Opportunities
-Awards Reception (Award Apps, etc)
-Paper Clover Week Planning
-Community Service Project
-Capital Day

County Council Veterans Service “Fill the Trunk”
The County Council voted to join the State 4-H Council effort in supporting our local VA hospitals last month, “Donate to VAs Across Texas!!!”
Texas 4-H has decided to give back to those who have given so much to us. Texas 4-H’s State Wide Community Service Activity will be a Donation Drive to the VA Health Care Systems across the State of Texas. A list of “Items Needed” are :

Commodities – No Hotel Samples Will Be Accepted
= Deodorant    =Toothbrush    =Toothpaste
=Shampoo      =Conditioner   =Lotion
=Combs                      =Lip Balm        =Shower Shoes
=Shower Wash/Gel (No Bar Soap)
=Denture Cleaner       /Adhesive        =Hairbrushes
=Baby Powder/Foot Powder  =Feminine Products

Undergarments – Sizes XS-3X only
= T-Shirts (Men’s with sleeves, No V-Neck
= Underwear   =Boxers                      =Panties
= Sports Bras  =Socks
 In the Extension Office, is 3 trunks (boxes) to bring your donations.  We will be sending the donations in the spring.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

2019 County Fair Livestock Show Entry Night

2019 County Fair Validation and Entry Night

Kaufman County 4-H will hold their County validation and County Fair entry night on November 15th, at the Kaufman County EXTENSION OFFICE!!

We will be tagging in
-Market Goats, Market Lambs, Unregistered Ewes, Unregistered Does, County Wether Does
-finalizing entries for the county fair.
-IF you validated Market Goats, Market Lambs, and Wether Does for the 2019 spring majors we will be using that validation tag for validation for the county fair. So you do not have to bring goats or lambs.

Entry Forms have been loaded on the county website- http://kaufman-tx.tamu.edu 

Please make your check out for the county fair entries to 4-H Council Fund. As we send in the entries AS A PACKET. If you by pass the 4-H office then you will not be included on the summary, which equals you are not entered.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Quiz Bowl Demonstration

To help us gather questions from several resources, we have created a Google Sheet for you to indicate which resource and chapter/document you will be developing questions from. We felt this was better than making assignments yet at the same time allows us to track question development so everyone is not writing questions from the same resources. Each species is a separate tab in the Google Sheet and the resources are listed as a drop down menu.
Click here to sign up for Quiz Bowl Database Assignments
Once developed, questions can be submitted by accessing links below.

Questions may be submitted by agents, volunteer leaders, and youth. As a reminder, those competing at state will be required to submit 15 questions per contest that they are competing in at Texas 4-H Roundup. 
Quiz Bowl Live Demo
Lastly, agents from District 9 have volunteered to host a Live Quiz Bowl Demo for those that wish to see the new contest rules in action. We realize this date will miss those in District 3, but this was the best available time for those hosting the demonstration. We will plan to record the demo. It will be held using Zoom. Information for joining the session will be sent out shortly. We encourage you to share the attached Save the Date with your volunteers/coaches.
Quiz Bowl Guide & Resources
As a reminder, all the updated contest information can be found at https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/events/roundup/
If you have questions, please feel free to contact the state 4-H office.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

District IV 4-H Photography Contest

District IV 4-H Photography Contest
November 2
Registration Fee $10.00


SPECIAL NOTE: This photography contest has NO bearing on senior members qualifying for the state photography contest. Members must qualify at the county level. As such, this district contest is a standalone event and should not be confused with county or state contests. Please consult your County Extension office for qualifying procedures within your county.


4-H Connect registration opens October 2, 2018
4-H Connect registration closes midnight, November 2, 2018
Photos are due to the District or Morris County office by 4 PM, November 14, 2018
Judging will take place on November 28
Results will be emailed to County Extension Offices
Awards and photos will be distributed to County Extension Offices
Registration. Each participating member is required to register on 4-H Connect and pay the district contest registration fee. When registering on 4-H Connect, you will be assessed a $10.00 fee when you select your first entry. Subsequent entries are an additional $0.50 per photo.

Participation. Participants must be active 4-H members enrolled in a Texas 4-H and Youth Development county program in District IV.

Age. Age divisions are determined by a participant’s grade as of September 1 of the current 4-H year. Age divisions for this contest are:

Junior grades 3, 4, or 5
Intermediate grades 6, 7, or 8
Senior grades 9, 10, 11, or 12
Photo Categories

Details & Macro
Dominant Color
Elements of Design
Landscape & Nature (non-animal)
Theme: “Promote 4-H”
Travel & Place

More detailed information can be found on the Districts Event Page.

State Fair of Texas Is HERE!!! Go cheer on Kaufman County 4-H!!

September 28-October 21, 2018 FAIR PARK • DALLAS
Thursday, September 27
1PM-9PM Move-In: Breeding Gilts
Brooke Horton - (Swine Barn)

Friday, September 28
Gate 15 will open for staging at 12am
12PM Checked-In Deadline: Breeding Gilts (Swine Barn)
4PM Show Ring Success Seminar, Market Goats and Lambs BCLC
Youth Gilt Showmanship

Saturday, September 29 Swine Arena
Pan-Am Purebred Gilts, followed by Pan-Am Crossbred Gilt
12PM      Show  Swine Arena
7PM Exhibitor Appreciation Dinner BCLC
(Breeding Gilt and Llama Exhibitors only)
Gate 15 will open for gilt staging at 8am

Sunday, September 30
7AM Release: Breeding Gilts (Swine Barn)
8AM Youth Purebred Breeding Gilt Show Swine Arena
Release: Youth Market Lambs (Non-Sale) (CB1)

Monday, October 1
Gate 15 will open for staging at 12am
4AM-8AM Move-In: Youth Market Barrows  (Dk OPB, Duroc, Hampshire, Dk Cross)   (Swine Barn)
Brooke Horton – Market Barrows                               Tyler Horton – Market Barrow
8AM-11AM Kiosk Check-In: Youth Market Barrows (CB1)
8AM             Registration: Youth Food Challenge Contest (BCLC)
Cassidy Daily          Emily Daily               Tristan Dreher              MaKayla Townsend          David Townsend       Laina  Elam
Lizette Rodriguez  Ruth Ellen Stecher  Eli Stecher                      Noah Garcia                      Owen Garcia              Sarah Baird
9AM Youth Food Challenge Contest, followed by awards BCLC
12PM-7PM Move-In: Youth Market/Prospect Steers (CB1&2
Mary Beth Beam     Maddox Henderson
4PM Show Ring Success Seminar, Barrows BCLC

Tuesday, October 2
Gate 15 will open for staging at 5am
7AM-12PM Move-In: Youth Market/Prospect Steers (CB1&2)
11AM-2PM Kiosk Check-In: Youth Market/Prospect Steers (CB1)
4PM Show Ring Success Seminar, Market Steers BCLC
Texas Livestock Marketing Association will accept animals for consignment until 30 minutes after the last class champion is selected.

Wednesday, October 3
8AM Youth Prospect Steer Show (American, British, AOB) LJP
9AM Release: Youth Prospect Steers
5PM Prospect Steer Grand Champion Drive LJP
or 30 minutes following the last breed/division drive – whichever comes later

Thursday, October 4
9AM        Release: Youth Market Steers (Non Sale)
Texas Livestock Marketing Association will accept animals for consignment until 30 minutes after the last class champion is selected.

Friday, October 5

Monday, October 8
12PM Registration: Youth Livestock Judging Contest, followed by orientation
Mary Beth Beam,  Cheyenne Babovec,  Grace Bowden, Hannah Tackett, Hailey Knight, Anna Hiser (BCLC)
1PM Youth Livestock Judging Contest, followed by awards LJP/BCLC
6:30PM Exhibitor Appreciation Dinner BCLC

Thursday, October 11 
6AM-12PM Move-In: Beefmaster, Brangus, Red Brangus, Santa Gertrudis, Simbrah,
Simmental, ARB         (CB1&2)
Cheyenne Babovec – Simmental      Jessica Crawford – Simmental      Morgan Jackson – 4 Simmental, 
12PM-7PM Move-In: Dairy Goats (Swine Barn)
Abigail Giromini – Dairy Goats     Sara Giromini – Dairy Goats     Tabitha Giromini – Dairy Goats
 1PM Checked-In Deadline: Beef Cattle (CB1)

Friday, October 12
8AM Move-In: Youth Breeding Rabbits (Poultry Barn
Jostyn Weddell    Jayden Holstein
9AM Registration: Youth Beef Skillathon Contest
Grace Bowden (BCLC)
10AM Youth Beef Skillathon Contest, followed by awards BCLC
11AM Checked-In Deadline: Dairy Goats (Swine Barn)
2PM CTDGA Club Show (Junior Does only) Swine Arena
6PM Checked-In Deadline: Youth Breeding Rabbits (Poultry Barn)
6:30PM Exhibitor Appreciation Dinner BCLC

Saturday, October 13
9AM Youth Beefmasters, Simbrah, and Simmental Show LJP-North
Youth Breeding Rabbit Show Poultry Building
Pan-Am Dairy Goat Show, and
CTDGA Club Show (Senior Does only) Swine Arena

Sunday, October 14
8AM Youth Heifer Showmanship followed by Santa Gertrudis,
Brangus, Red Brangus and ARB Show LJP-North
Youth Breeding Rabbit Show
9AM Release: Beef Cattle Poultry Building
Youth Dairy Goat Showmanship, Wethers, and Youth Show
10AM Release: Dairy Goats
3PM Release: Youth Breeding Rabbits, Dairy Cattle

Tuesday, October 16
10AM-7PM Move-In: Angus, Charolais, Chianina, Hereford, Limousin, Maine-Anjou,
Mini Hereford, Polled Hereford, Red Angus, Shorthorn, ORB                       (CB1&2)
Morgan Jackson – 1 ORB               Maddie Jenkins – Hereford, Polled Hereford, Maine Anjou
Emily Jenkins– Hereford, Polled Hereford, Maine Anjou
Cody Jones – Maine Anjou, ORB  Lauren Jones – Chianina, Polled Hereford
Grace Bowden – 3 Angus
Move-In: Breeding Sheep (Swine Barn)
Hailey Knight – 4-Dorper Breeding Sheep    Case Lambeth – Dorper Breeding Sheep
Mandy Jo Lambeth– 2 Dorper Breeding Sheep

7AM Registration: Youth Agricultural Public Speaking Contest, (BCLC) followed by orientation
Lauren Jones                Cody Jones
8:30AM Youth Agricultural Public Speaking Contest, followed by Cotton Bowl/BCLC

Thursday, October 18
 7AM-12PM Move-In: Angus, Charolais, Chianina, Hereford, Limousin, Maine-Anjou, 
Mini Hereford, Polled Hereford, Red Angus, Shorthorn, ORB                       (CB1&2)
Move-In: Breeding Sheep (Swine Barn)
1PM Checked-In Deadline: Breeding Sheep (Swine Barn)
Checked-In Deadline: Beef Cattle (CB1)

Friday, October 19
8AM Pan-Am Red Angus, Pre-Junior Mini Hereford, Angus and
Shorthorn Show LJP-North
Pan-Am Mini Hereford, Youth Red Angus Bred and Owned,
Youth Red Angus Showmanship, Pan-Am Hereford, and Polled Hereford Show LJP-South
9AM Pan-Am Dorper, White Dorper, Medium Wool and Wether
Dam Breeding Sheep Show Swine Arena
6:30PM Exhibitor Appreciation Dinner BCLC

Saturday, October 20
7AM Registration: Youth Sheep Skillathon Contest (BCLC)
Mason Henderson     Maddox Henderson
8AM Sheep Skillathon Contest, followed by awards BCLC
9AM Youth Red Angus, Angus, Hereford, and Polled Hereford Show                           LJP
1PM Pan-Am Fine Wool Breeding Sheep Show, followed by Youth Swine Arena Showmanship
8AM Youth Dorper, White Dorper, Fine Wool, Medium Wool 
Breeding Sheep Show Swine Arena
Youth Heifer Showmanship followed by Shorthorn, Charolais,
Chianina, Limousin, Maine Anjou, and ORB Show LJP
10AM Release: Breeding Sheep
Release: Beef Cattle
Sunday, October 21

*LJP, Livestock Judging Pavilion; *BCLC, Briscoe Carpenter Livestock C

Good Luck to those heading to East Texas Fair this Weekend!!

Good Luck to the Kaufman County 4-Her's heading to East Texas this weekend!!

Cassidy Daily – Market Goats & Longhorns
Emily Daily - Market Goats 
Kaelyn McDougald - Market Goats
Bethany Ragsdale - Market Goats 
James Ragsdale - Market Goats
Mason Henderson – Market Lambs