4-H Events and Activities

Sunday, September 27, 2009

4-H'er get to clicking in the 4-H Photography project

Kaufman County 4-H members involved in the Photography project met at the 4-H office in the Farm Bureau education room to learn several points of their camera. Learning about the different modes their cameras offer to take better pictures sent them out onto the grounds to try out their new tips and techniques. Project Leaders Debbie Wold with Teen Leaders Catlyn Wold, Lisa Roberts, and Lynsey Culp helped the members find different perspectives in their photo hunt.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

4-H'ers Get Ready to Camp

As never before, today’s youth face an ever-increasing disassociation with natural areas and its resources.With the urbanization, educational priorities, family structure, culture, priorities, values, and beliefs, this leads to many youth never having the opportunity to experience the outdoors. Kaufman County has a new club that brings all of that and more together in the Outdoor Recreation Project. This month 4-H member learned how to put up their tent and started planning a camping trip for November. The goal is to get the youth ready to compete in the Texas 4-H Outdoor Challenge in July. To participate in the Texas 4-H Outdoor Challenge, youth will have to be proficient in: Shooting, Sports (rifle, shotgun, and archery), Sportfishing, Swimming,Canoeing,Camping/Outdoor Living Skills,Orienteering,Identification of Wildlife and Natural Resources, Outdoor Safety,Teamwork, and Decision-making. Working in team of 4 the youth will be judged in each one of the events listed. Pictured is the 4-H members learning how to put up a tent as a team. Teen Leaders Cassie Boyd (in the back) and Dacota Taylor (3rd from Right) help the junior team member get the task done.

New Vet Science Club starts the year.

Under the guidance of the new 4-H Leader Gay Fowler and Mary Free 4-H members start a new venture in Kaufman County. The 4-H Veterinary Science Project gives youth interested in veterinary medicine opportunities to look at the different career opportunities so students can determine if this is a field they would like to pursue. By getting hands on experiences with basic knowledge and skills they learn that are expected of a veterinary assistant. It allows for youth to develop an interest in veterinary medicine, human medicine and other allied health fields. The project club has already visited the Lone Star Race Track in Arlington to get a behind the scene look. Pictured is the Junior and Intermediate 4-H'ers getting ready to try out their new found skills.

4-H Youth Council Attend District Meeting

Representatives from the Kaufman County 4-H Youth Council attended the District IV 4-H Council held at the Dallas Research and Extension Center. The meeting brought representatives from the surrounding 22 counties 4-H Youth Councils. Training on Leadership and Teamwork was the main focus of the meeting. Pictured Left to Right from the Kaufman County 4-H Youth Council is Kristen Starnes - Reporter, Dacota Taylor - Media Specialist, Kelvin Word - President, and Catlyn Wold - Secretary.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kaufman 4-H'ers get Wrapped Up In 4-H

Kaufman 4-H club members have some fun at their first meeting. The Kaufman 4-H has a new club manager this year. Angel Pagel is a teacher in the Mesquite ISD and lives in Forney. The Kaufman 4-H meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Kaufman Water Building on Hwy 34 north of Town. IF you want to have some fun...come join 4-H!!!

Criswell gets a visit from the Mobile Dairy

The Kaufman County 4-H in the Classroom hosted the Southwestern Dairymans' Mobile Dairy at Criswell Elementary in Forney. Students learned where milk comes from and how nutritious it is for them daily.

4-H'er take on the Food Challenge

Kaufman County 4-H Youth Council members learn how fun the 4-H Food Challenge can be. Fashioned much like the Iron Chef this new 4-H competition has the 4-H members learning how to cook up some new fun.

New 4-H Club Officers Start the Year

4-H club Officers from across Kaufman County representing 11 different clubs met to practice their parliamentary skills for the new 4-H Year. Kaufman County 4-H Agent and the County 4-H Youth Council ran the new officers through leadership and team building programs to prepare them for the up coming year.