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Thursday, August 18, 2022

State Fair of Texas Parent Portal

 If you are working on fall stock show entries.  MONDAY IS THE DOWN AND LAST OPPORTUNITY. for State Fair of Texas, Heart O Texas, and East Texas.  I am going on vacation on the 24th. and you will not have the opportunity to enter. No matter what the entry deadline is on the form.

You need to make for sure your Quality Counts number is up to date, and your 4-H membership is paid up by the 30th of August. 

If you have any questions email Carrie.  cl-sharp@tamu.edu

Monday, August 15, 2022

4H Connect Open for the New Year

 The new 4-H year does not officially begin until September 1st, but the system opened today and is ready to begin new year enrollment. Youth that are 8 years old and in the 3rd grade should not start their enrollment until September 1st. 

The Texas 4-H fee schedule is below:

$25.00 - Club Member Enrollment Discounted Fee - August 15 - October 31st

$30.00 - Club Member Enrollment Regular Fee - November 1 to the completion of 4-H year

$0.00 - Clover Kid Enrollment Fee

$10.00 - Adult Volunteer Application Fee

Enrollment forms and guides are available online at: https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/management/

Enroll in all clubs that you are participating in.  Double check the DOB and Grade for the youth members and double check the contact email you are using for communications through 4H Connect for your family. 

If you have any questions please email Carrie Sharp at cl-sharp@tamu.edu


Wednesday, August 10, 2022

2022 STEM Challenge-Explorers of the DEEP


Explorers of the Deep

Explorers of the Deep consists of three activities that can be done all at once or individually, making it highly adaptable for classrooms, afterschool programs, clubs and more:

This years STEM challenge is going deep!!  ln October we will set out to explore the ocean deep!!  Date will be announced after August 21st. 

Ocean Robot Test Tank is an activity where youth learn how to “ballast” their ocean robot by adding weights to replicate the sinking and floating behavior of a real ocean robot. They will investigate data collected by ocean robots and learn about the value of ocean exploration.

Ocean Expedition is a board game where youth navigate their ocean robot around the world while learning key ocean concepts. Topics include aquaculture, climate change, innovation, human impact and the ocean ecosystem.

Ocean Communicator is an activity in which young people investigate challenges that ocean scientists, engineers and technologists are currently exploring. They design and advocate for innovations and technical solutions that inspire public action.

New Opportunity from Heart O Texas

 Just received from Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo!!!

First and foremost, we are thrilled to announce that the PRCA will be holding the Inaugural Permit Finals from October 7-9. With these three additional nights of rodeo, we’ve added another Calf Scramble event called the Scramble Stampede. This brand-new event promises high energy and high payouts. Selected scramblers will compete in a three-day long tournament for the chance to win $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000 purchase certificates. We will start with 16 scramblers. On day one, they will compete to catch eight calves and a $1,000 purchase certificate. On night two, those eight scramblers return in an attempt to catch one of four calves and an upgraded $2,000 purchase certificate. Then, on the final night, the last four scramblers standing return to the arena to race after one calf and a $5,000 purchase certificate.

We will still host our traditional Calf Scramble from October 11-15, and the Chute-Out on October 16. Students are allowed, and encouraged, to submit applications for both events. Students selected for the Scramble Stampede will be removed from the applicant pool for the Calf Scramble & Chute Out. For more information on both events, please visit https://bit.ly/HOTCalfScramble

Also, new this year, the Heart O’ Texas Livestock Show will host the Showmanship Showdown. We decided our showmanship classes needed an update. We’ll still have the same three age divisions, junior, intermediate, and senior. We’ll still give away awards and prizes in those age divisions, but this year the top three from each division will come back for a “grand drive” to determine the Overall Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Champion Showman for additional awards. With this change in format, this year students will need to pre-register (for no charge) for the Showmanship Showdown with their livestock entries. We will also be hosting the Showmanship Showdown on move-in days this year. For more information and to review our schedule, please visit https://bit.ly/3Njp8xD

Contact the extension office if you would like to know more or sign up. 

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Fall Stock Show Entry Information


Good afternoon, everyone!

It is that time again and we need to get a jump start on entries for East Texas State Fair, State Fair of Texas, and the Heart of Texas Fair.  You will see that I have attached the worksheets for all the shows.  We will be having an entry night August 22nd here at the Office from 5-7 pm.  We strongly encourage you make it to this entry night, but if you cannot please note that your entries will have to be in this office by 5pm Friday, August 12th.  WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ENTRIES AFTER THIS DATE!!!!  Please be sure to bring in your entries as well as your entry fees.


First Reminder is to make sure your Quality Counts verification is up to date!!! If you are unsure, then contact me and I will send you the link.  For more information about the Quality Counts program please go to - First Reminder is to make sure your Quality Counts verification is up to date!!!For frequently asked questions on quality counts please go to - https://agrilife.org/qualitycounts/verification/faq/ 




Visit livestock.bigtex.com to login to or create your SFT Parent Portal Account. Upon completion of submitting your entries they are directed to your ag teacher or county agent’s queue. 

Your advisor MUST approve your entries. Entry application does not guarantee entry acceptance. Once your advisor has approved your entries in their queue and checked out of their cart we will receive your entry. 

There are some new changes for the State Fair of Texas in terms of submitting your W9 to them.  Parents you will have to log into the portal system in order to enter this!!!  Electronic indemnity and W9 signatures will require parents to log in and complete before entries will be accepted. After parent access ends, AST/CEA will need to create entries for exhibitor before 11:59 P.M. on August 25 to avoid late fees. Parents will be notified via email to collect signatures for entries made by AST/CEA during this time period.

All entries must be completed online in addition to hard copy worksheets mailed to the SFT Livestock Office by your CEA/AST with one form of payment. Personal payments are not accepted.  

Parent Portal Access Ends: 11:59 p.m., August 22, 2022. 

Junior rabbit entries are made online on the open show portal. There are no rabbit entry worksheets.


“Electronic indemnity and W9 signatures will require parents to log in and complete before entries will be accepted.  After parent access ends, AST/CEA will need to create entries for exhibitor before 11:59 P.M. on August 25 to avoid late fees.  Parents will be notified via email to collect signatures for entries made by AST/CEA during this period.

Parent Deadline: 11:59 p.m. August 22, 2022.

Log In « (bigtex.com)


When you log in if you are asked to give a password for the exhibitor please use “4H257Fall” as your password.  The reason for this is when I have to go in and complete the entry process for each exhibitor I will be asked for the password and if I don’t know it, I cannot complete the entries. If you have a different password due to open show entries please email me that password so that I can complete your entries.

If you have any questions, please be sure and reach out.


Fall Stock Show Entry Packet 

2023 Spring Major Validation Tag Order Form

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

State Fair and Major Steer Validation Information - Due the 21st of March to 4-H Office


Below is the guidelines for the State Fair of Texas and Major Steer validations. Please copy and paste the table below into a return email to me the number you need for each.  I will then send you an invoice for the tags.  (cl-sharp@tamu.edu)


Desired Quantity

Heifers – pay at time of validation




Breeding Goat

Breeding Goat - Wether / Commercial Doe

Breeding Sheep

Breeding Sheep - Wether / Commercial Dam

Market Goat

Market Lamb


State Fair and Major Steer Validation Information

Heifer Validation tips

Instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDb3h8MaDBM

$15 per head paid at time of validation

·   June 1-30, 2022 Heifers to be eligible for the 2022 Fall shows must be physically validated. Once validated, a heifer remains eligible unless breed or ownership is changed. No family validations allowed

July 8, 2022 Deadline to upload registration papers and enter heifer validation information to


After physical validation the FFA Advisor will get the yellow copy of the project validated.  The FFA Advisor will be responsible for uploading their own projects to alleviate the problem we had from State Fair entry process.

Steer Validation tips

·   Validation fee for Steers

o $20 per head March1-21, 2022 – paid at time of ordering tags

o $25 per head April 1-June 24, 2022  - paid at time of ordering tags

o Payment will be due at the time of invoicing, not ordering. The website will generate email invoices that will be sent on April 26 for orders placed on or before the deadline. Late orders will be invoiced June 30. Please send payment with the invoice for each ordering period.

o The Validation Chairperson that submitted the order will be the contact that is invoiced for the validation fee for the entire county.

Sheep and Goat Validation tips

The time is approaching to begin ordering lamb and goat validation materials for the 2022 State Fair of Texas. Due to the current supply chain issues with getting tags, we will be CHANGING TAG ORDERS TO MARCH FOR 2022.

o $20 per head March1-21, 2022 – paid at time of ordering tags

o $25 per head April 1-June 24, 2022  - paid at time of ordering tags

o Single Validation Tag and Validation forms for sheep and goats.

o All Market Lambs, Market Goats, Breeding Sheep, Wether Dams, Breeding Goats, and Wether Does will use the same RFID validation tag.

o All Market Lambs, Market Goats, Breeding Sheep, Wether Dams, Breeding Goats, and Wether Does will be on the same form.

o Any BREEDING animal validated during the Fall 2021 validation period is eligible to be exhibited by that exhibitor through the Fall 2024 show season. IF OWNERSHIP CHANGES, THEN THE ANIMAL MUST BE RE-VALIDATED.


o Beginning June 1, 2021, registered breeding sheep, registered breeding goats, wether/commercial dams, and wether/commercial does will have 3 total years of eligibility UNLESS A CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP TAKES PLACE.  Breeding animals validated for State Fair in June do not have to be revalidated for major shows.  Put plainly- if you validate for State Fair during the June 2021 validation period, your validation will be eligible until June 2024, unless a change of ownership occurs during that time- then you must re-validate.

o    All sheep and goats are eligible for family validation.  Registered sheep and goats can family validate if the registration papers have all exhibitors full names listed as owners.  Registration paper ownership will determine the exhibitors eligible to show that project.


o    No validation will occur for registered breeding animals unless the ORIGINAL registration papers are present at the physical validation.


Friday, February 04, 2022

County Fair Livestock Project Prep letter


Kaufman County Livestock Show Prep

Weigh-In: For Junior Livestock youth, the fair kicks off with weigh-in. Each species has a specified time to be weighed in, which is noted on the Livestock Show Schedule also attached to this newsletter. Make sure to carefully review the requirements for weigh-in. Typically, your animal will need to be washed and dried at weigh-in. You will lead your animal across the scale and officials will record its weight.

            Tuesday, March 2 – 6:30 pm - Market Lambs – In Place and Weigh In Starts

            Wednesday, March 3 – 3:00 pm – In Place Deadline - Market Swine, Market Steers, Market Goats

            Wednesday, March 3 – 3:00 pm – Market Swine Weigh In

                                                         - 5:00 pm – Market Goats Weigh In

                                                - 7:00 pm – Market Steer Weigh In

 Minimum Weights: Each species will have a minimum weight requirement to be eligible to be exhibited in a market class. These minimum weights are generally listed in the fair catalog. Although it is disappointing if your project animal does not meet the minimum weight requirement, in many counties this does not mean you cannot exhibit in the fair.

·      No steer may be sold in the auction unless they weigh 900 lbs. or over at entry weighing time.

·      Market hogs must weigh between 220 and 280 lbs. at weigh in to be eligible for the sale.

·      Market Lambs will weigh 80 lbs. at weigh-in

·      Market Goats must weigh 65lbs. or over at weigh in to be eligible for the sale.

A weight pay limit on all auction and floored animals and non-sale animals has been established. This means the floor pay out stops at these weights.

Top pay limits: • Hogs – 280 lbs • Steers – 1300 lbs • Lambs – 165 lbs • Goats – 110 lbs

 Set Up for the Fair: Your club will be assigned a stall or pen area for your animals. The number of stalls or pens your club is assigned depends on the number of animals you are exhibiting. Space allocated each year depends on the overall number of animals in the fair. Prior to the fair, check with your county extension agent or livestock superintendent to find out the size and type of pens that will be used for your species, availability of automatic waterers, and whether shavings will be provided.

 Displays: Most counties allow you to display a banner in your stall or pen area. It is common to include the following information: club name, animal’s name, exhibitor’s name, weight, and breed. Make sure to thank and recognize your sponsors and boosters. You will need to bring all the supplies for your club display, as well as the materials needed to hang it. Zip ties, wire, rope, etc., are commonly used. Make sure the banner is hung securely and is safely out of your animal’s reach.

Do your part to be a great ambassador of the 4-H Livestock Projects by following these guidelines:

• Keep your animal fed, watered, and comfortable throughout the fair. Check on your animal regularly.

• Keep your area clean at all times.

• Keep the aisles open so people can walk through the barns and see the animals.

• Answer questions graciously.

• Be on your best behavior. You reflect on everyone in 4-H and FFA.

But another benefit is the County Fair Board awards Herdsmanship Awards to those that keep good displays.  Work Together to represent 4-H and your project area.

 Supplies: A successful experience at the fair requires having the right supplies. Following are some things you will most likely need.

• Bedding—You will need shavings, straw, or other bedding for your animal.

• Broom—Keep your assigned area and walkways neat.

• Feed—Your animal will need feed throughout the fair. Flies can be a problem, so bring feed in an enclosed container. Do not forget to bring feed and water containers.

• Bucket—You will need a bucket to haul fresh water to your animal (unless automatic waterers are installed).

• Chairs—You will spend a lot of time in the barn area, so you may want to bring chairs. Remember to keep the aisle area open for fair guests at all times.

• Fans—Many exhibitors bring a portable fan to help keep their animal cool. Check the policy for your fair. You will need to bring an extension cord for your fan and connectors to hang or mount it safely.

• Grooming Supplies—Make sure to bring a hose, grooming brushes, soap, spray bottles, etc., normally used to wash and groom your animal. Many sheep/goat exhibitors put blankets or tubes on their lambs/goats to keep them clean.

• Grooming Stands or Chutes—Your animal should come to the fair already clipped or shorn, however minor fitting will be needed to get your animal show-ready.

• Show Equipment—You will need a halter, show stick, comb, whip, or other show equipment.

• Show Attire—Most shows have specific dress code for exhibitors. Check the requirements for your county. 4-H members are often required to wear a 4-H patch on their left arm while exhibiting.

• Rake or Shovel—You will need to remove droppings and soiled shavings from your animal’s pen area frequently. Stalls and pens need to be maintained throughout the fair. This will also help reduce flies in the barn area.

• Wheel Barrow—You will need to haul droppings and soiled shavings from the barn to the designated waste area.

Showing: There are two types of shows in which you can exhibit—showmanship and market classes. In showmanship classes, the judge is evaluating your skills in fitting and showing your animal, rather than just the quality of your animal. In market classes, the judge is evaluating your animal. Of course, a good show person will ensure his or her animal is shown to its best potential in the market class, helping the animal place as high in the market class as possible. 

• Showmanship Classes: These classes are typically divided by grade divisions. . Showmanship will be offered in Steer, Breeding Beef, Swine, Sheep, Market Goats, Dairy Goats, Rabbits and Ag Mech (shop). Classes will be divided into the following categories:

Peewee Division- Ages up to 8 years old

Junior-Grades 3,4, &5

Intermediate-Grades 6,7, &8

Senior-Grades 9,10,1

For the county show it is $5.00 “at the gate” except for Pee Wee Division. Participants must have exhibited an entry in the species to participate in the showmanship contest (except for Peewee Division)

• Market Classes: Once all the animals have been weighed, they will be grouped into different classes based upon weight. Classes will be posted prior to the market show.

• Breeding Shows: If your project animal did not weigh enough to show in a market class, you may have an opportunity to exhibit in the feeder class. Check the regulations in your county.


Junior Livestock Auction: The steer, market lambs, swine, market goats, broilers and rabbit meat pens projects at the county fair will be eligibility sold at auction at the conclusion of the fair. You will need to secure buyers to purchase your project animals and show their support for livestock youth.  

If you make the auction you need to be prepared to help with sale set up Saturday morning at 10 am. IF you do not help or have someone sign in to help in your stead your auction check will be with held and money deducted.

Preparing for the Auction: All market animals that qualify for auction will be sold on Saturday at the conclusion of the fair. You will wash and prepare your animal just as you did for the show. You will follow the same dress code as for the show. 

Sale Order: Each exhibitor will go through the auction in a certain order, which is typically based upon how your animal placed in the market class. The sale order will be posted prior to the auction. Staff and volunteers will assist you in lining up in the correct order. You must go through the auction in the correct order, so be prepared and ready to line up. 

Sale Method: During the auction, your market animal will be sold. Some auctions sell the animal by the pound; others sell the animal by the head. You will want to make sure your potential buyers understand the procedure in your county. The person who buys your market animal generally has the choice of flooring the animal (FLOOR), having the animal processed for their own use (KEEP) or to give back to the exhibitor (GIVE BACK) which then the exhibitor can either keep the project or floor it themselves with is a separate check back to them from the sale.

1. Flooring the animal (FLOOR). If your buyer does not want to keep the animal they purchase, they can floor the animal and pay only the difference between the final bid price and the established (floor) market price. The floor price is set prior to the sale and is based upon current market prices. For example, if the buyer bids $2 per pound for a 250 pound hog (250 lbs x $2/lb = $500) and the floor price is 65 cents per pound (250 lbs x .65/lb = $162.50), the buyer will actually pay $337.50 and the packer will pay $162.50; the packer will take the animal.

2. Having the animal processed for their own use (KEEP). The buyer will pay the full bid price, plus the cost of processing the animal. The buyer will receive the animal. 

3. Give Back to the Exhibitor. (GIVE BACK). The buyer will pay the full price without the benefit of the floor price deduction.

Sales Fee: Each fair will assess a small fee, generally a percentage of the final price, to pay for the expenses, premiums, and awards associated with the Junior Livestock program. This amount will be deducted from the check received for the sale of your animal.

After the County Fair if you made the County Auction, you will prepare a thank you letter for your buyer.  Before you can get your auction check you will need to pick up the photo that the fair board provides, along with the thank you letter. We have a signature form that you will need to hand back into the office and then your check can be received when they get delivered to the office.

If you have any questions or need help prepping for the county fair, Contact Carrie Sharp, Kaufman County 4-H and Youth Development County Agent at cl-sharp@tamu.edu or the extension office.

A Few Selections from the February Newsletter

 Council News

Council Meeting – NOW ON SUNDAYS!!

The next 4-H Council Meeting will be February 20, at 2:00 pm at the Extension office. 

The 4-H Council consist of officers and delegates from each club in Kaufman County, but any Intermediate or Senior 4-Her can attend the meetings.  The County Officers are elected each year to serve all of Kaufman County.

Items for discussion this month:

=Voting on the First Section of Bylaws, =Second section of Bylaw discussion, =Ag Day Planning at the County Fair =Fundraiser opportunities, =County Roundup Planning, =District Community Service Project

Camps, Clinics, Workshops

Summer 4-H Camping Opportunities – all held at the 4-H Conference Center:

·        4-H Fishing, Wildlife, STEM Camps; June 15-17, 2022

·        Horizons Camp; June 26-30, 2022

·        Prime Time I; July 10-13, 2022

·        Prime Time II; July 13-16, 2022

·        Junior Leader Retreat; November 11-13, 2022

Crafting Workshop for County Fair

Decorating Cookies not quite what you want to try for the county fair?  Then join Pandora Bonner and the Livestock club on February 21st at the fairgrounds to make something for the county fair Creative Talent Show. 

Cookie Decorating Workshop

February 27th at the County Extension Office Come Learn basic cookie decorating techniques and make and take some treats home! Ages 8-18  Please bring $5 to help with costs of the workshop.

Participants will learn the basics of decorating techniques to create tasty treats to take home or Just in time to enter the County Fair!!!

If you can not attend, but still want to learn the techniques you can go this YouTube site.

Cake Decorating on Youtube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MZn7dAgwfo

Happy decorating!!

Club Communications

Club and Project Meetings

Robotics Project - Meets weekly on Friday nights. Location changes so please contact Mr. Dreher at txdrehers@gmail.com for more information on robotics team practices.

NEW DAY!!! Kemp 4-H Club: Meets on the 1st Tuesday at the Kemp City Hall at 7:00 p.m.  Contact Treasa Richardson.

Silver Spurs 4-H Horse Club: Meets on the 2nd Tuesday at the extension office at 6:30 pm. Contact Amy Wolfe (arw1309@gmail.com) for location.

NEW DAY!!! Livestock 4-H Project Club: Meets on the 3rd MONDAY at the county fairgrounds at 6:30 p.m.

NEW DAY!!! County 4-H Council – Meets on the 3rd SUNDAY at the County Extension Office at 2:00 pm.  Two representatives need to attend from each club.

County Liners 4-H Club- Meets on the 4th Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Terrell.

Shooting Sports 4-H Club: Meets monthly on set dates throughout the year. Contact Kelly Crawford at simmentalover@gmail.com

Scurry Rosser 4-H Club - Meets on the 3rd Thursday at 6:30 pm monthly at the High School Cafeteria in Scurry.

Project Talk

County Fair Livestock Prep

We are less than 30 days away for the county fair.  At the end of the newsletter is some important reminders for the county fair move in and show days.  Right now we are trying to get around and weigh projects.  If you need help with that please contact me before Wednesday, February 9th.  The 4-H Scales are traveling and we can help see where your projects are in weight. 

County Fair Creative Talent

The Deadline to sign up for the Kaufman County Creative Talent contests is February 11th.  Go to KCJLS.com and look up the Creative Talent Rule Book to look at all the opportunities to show off your favorite hobbies and talents.

 Texoma Robotics Contest

2022 T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotics ChallengeTop of Form

Grayson County 4-H is providing a competitive event for youth to showcase their skill and knowledge

within the robotics project.

The 2022 T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotics Challenge will be a semi-blind challenge. Teams can look up known challenges on the Texas 4-H Robotics page.  This Agrobotics Challenge will be using the 2021-2022Texas 4-H Ag Emergency 911Challenge rules and known objectives can be found at the Texas 4-H Robotics Webpage.

Junior and Intermediate Division Teams will follow the rules of play for Junior Division. T.E.L.S. Youth Agrobotic Rules for TELS  NO challenge mats will be available for purchase, but teams can download the challenge mat and have it printed.

Entry is in team format only. Teams may have 2 to 6 members and must compete within their specific age division. At least one team member is required to be active members of Texas 4-H or FFA for this event.

The cost to enter is $60 per team. Teams can pay by credit card or by mailing checks to Grayson County 4-H, Attn: Agrobotics, 100 W Houston A-G-1, Sherman, Texas 75090.

Bovine Care 101
Now with 5 additional activities, this series from the University of Tennessee Extension brings kids an up-close look at how cows work (they grow fungi in their stomachs?!), and what it takes for farmers to take care of them. By the end of each activity, kids will have newfound knowledge as well as a fun craft to take their bovine knowledge to the next level. Get started by clicking here.  (4-H.org//4-H at home)

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

4-H Night at NASA


On behalf of the hosting Texas 4-H STEM Ambassadors, we are excited to announce that at long last

Texas 4-H is going back to NASA’s Johnson Space Center.  This is an overnight “camping” experience held at the space center that will include hands-on STEM activities, an astronaut guest speaker, a tram tour of rocket park, and free roam of the museum’s exhibits.  It promises to be a great time for all space enthusiasts! 

Below are some of the details and even more in the FAQ linked below.  A promotional graphic is attached for you to use and share on social media.  Please share this information with your 4-H families. 

Event Dates:  March 5-6, 2022

Location:  NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston

Registration Dates:  February 1-15, 2022 on 4-H Online (Event title:  Texas 4-H Night at NASA).  All youth and adult participants must register on 4HOnline.

Who can attend:  Texas 4-H members (Jr, Int, and Sr ages) and screened adults.  All 4-H members must be accompanied by a parent/guardian chaperone.

Saturday Check-in Time:  5-6 PM sharp.  

Sunday End Time:  Will vary based on your own preference/needs. 

What to Expect:  Staff led STEM activities, astronaut guest speaker, explore the center’s exhibits, and tram tour of rocket park.

SPACE CENTER HOUSTON OVERNIGHT EXPERIENCE FAQ – this page provides many more details about the overnight experience.  It references scouting overnight in some places, which is mostly the same program as ours.

Forms:  All participants will need to download, review, and bring signed copies of all required forms.  Required forms will be available in the downloadable files section of the 4HOnline registration process.  If you are chaperoning someone else’s child and he/she is taking any kind of medication, the chaperone is advised to follow best practices outlined in the Procedures for Handling Medications document.  Other forms that chaperones may need pertaining to medicines can be found on our Programs for Minors page:  https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/minors/

Meals:  Saturday supper and Sunday breakfast will be provided and is included in the registration fee.

Chaperones:  Due to the unique sleeping arrangements, all 4-H members must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  The 4-H program will not be providing any chaperones; therefore, youth are not allowed to be dropped off without a parent/guardian.  All adults must register on 4HOnline.  Please note, it could take up to 2 weeks to get background screening completed, so plan to re-enroll quickly if you have not already done so.  When tent camping, only family units may sleep in the same tent. 

Sleeping Arrangements

There will be two different options for sleeping arrangements.  Again, more specific details can be found in the linked FAQ.

  1. Indoor Lodging (inside the museum)
    • Participants will have assigned locations inside the center, which will be outlined during the event.
    • Indoor setup will take place towards the end of the evening. Please leave your bedding materials inside the car until the end of the night.
    • What to bring is outlined in the FAQ.
    • The Space Center's lead instructor will direct you to your assigned location the night of the event, after the center closes.
  2. Outdoor Lodging
    • You may choose to sleep outside in a tent underneath their SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that has flown to space twice or under the historic shuttle carrier aircraft that ferried space shuttles 223 times.
    • Please be aware that if you decide on outdoor sleeping you will be setting up your tent immediately after check-in NOT at the end of the night. (the 5-6 PM time period).
    • If you choose this option, you must bring your own tent as well as necessary bedding.  Tent sizes and other details are outlined in the FAQ.
    • We recommend that if you are planning to sleep outdoors, that you get there closer to 5:00 pm to ensure you have enough time to pitch your tent.
    • No indoor or outdoor cooking allowed.

COVID Guidelines/Protocol:  We will adhere and follow the guidelines of Space Center Houston and Texas 4-H/AgriLife Extension.  We will provide the most up-to-date guidelines via email about a week ahead of the event.  All participants will be required to submit a Covid Screening form at check-in. 

Registration Status:  Please note that all registrations will remain as “Pending” at the state level until the week of the event.  This will ensure we can delete registrations without charge if the situation arises where we have to cancel the event due to Covid or other unforeseen circumstances.

Please thoroughly review this information above and on the FAQ page.  There is a lot of information that should help answer any questions you may have.  If questions remain unanswered, please feel free to contact me.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q:           What is the cost?

A:            $90 per person (same fee for youth and adults) – sorry I omitted that important detail in my original email.

Q:           Do adults have to register?

A:            Yes.  Each person attending must submit a separate registration.

Q:           Can an adult chaperone other kids that are not their own?

A:            Yes, so long as they adhere to our Texas 4-H Youth Protection Standards.  For your reference, those rules and best practices are outlined here (found on this page):

Q:           I see on my kid’s registration that there is a place to enter the name of the parent/guardian chaperone.  Does submitting a name in that field register the adult?

A:            No, that text field is to document who the designated chaperone is for the youth member.  The adult chaperone still needs to create and submit a separate registration.  Before approving registrations, we will cross-reference the designated chaperone with the registration list to ensure the adult chaperone has registered.

Q:           Can a younger sibling attend?

A:            As it stands today, the event is only open to junior, intermediate, and senior 4-H members.  If that changes, I will let you know.