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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rabbit Workshop

Want to show rabbits at the county and state fair and don't know where to start?

Kaufman 4-H Rabbit Committee will host a rabbit workshop at 6:30 p.m. September 19th, at Kaufman County 4-H Office

Those already showing rabbits are welcome to attend and learn about any new changes to breed standards, look for new breeds, buy and sell new prospects, or learn how to improve a herd.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The New 4-H Year is off to a BIG Start!!

The new year is off to a great start for the Kaufman County 4-H Program.  Tuesday night club managers and project leaders met to discuss preparing for the new year.  Above is a list of the clubs that have checked in to provide fun opportunities for the 4-H Members in Kaufman County.

Here is a listing of the clubs and what they are....

Youth Council - The youth council are representatives from each of the community clubs and the project clubs.  But also we have young leaders that are 13 years old and older to come to participate in the leadership activities the council hosts.

Clothing & Textiles Project - Come learn the basic of the clothing and textiles project by sewing cool gifts, learn how to turn a feed bag into a neat gift bag, have you ever made a yo-yo?

Lone Star Dairy Goat Project club - Have a dairy goat? Want to learn how to take care of a Nigerian Dwarf Goat?  Come have fun learning how to care for, show and manage one of the coolest of the dairy goat breeds. And the best thing is the only get up to about 40 pounds!!

Kaufman 4-H - This club hosts craft nights, and participate in a wide range of projects from working on community service projects to showing livestock projects at the county fair.

Scurry-Rosser - One of the oldest and longest running traditional clubs in the county this club sports also a wide range of project opportunities.

Dog Project - Featured earlier in the blog this is a fun project club to bring your "best friend" and learn how you two can work as a team.  4-H Dog shows do not require a pure bred dog so bring them along and join the fun.

Food and Nutrition - Come learn how to be more healthy in life while learning how to cook nutritious snacks.

Beef Club - You do not have to have a heifer or steer to participate in this club.  They participate in Livestock Judging, Beef Quiz Bowls and Beef Skillathon contests.

Horse Club - Again you do not have to have a horse to participate.  They participate in Horse Judging, Hippology and Horse Quiz Bowls!!

Ruminants Unlimited - Have a goat or lamb?  Come learn how to be a better showman or how to feed to win.  The Ruminant Unlimited club practices monthly to help families learn how to improve their goat or lamb projects.

County Liners 4-H Club - These kiddos have a great time with the share the fun contest (theater), gardening, and having just plain fun.

Coming Soon to a place near you...Volunteers in Terrell are looking to start a Terrell 4-H Club.  If you are interested call into the Extension Office.

If you are interested in starting a 4-H club in your area please call the extension office to get the information and the start up packet.

What's New in The Texas 4-H Dog Project

The Texas 4-H Dog Show has been a great success for 39 years! Competitors from all over the state, ranging in age from 8 to 18. All breeds, including mixed, are welcome to compete after they have met the minimum requirements. Dog and 4-H member teams can compete in five different classes, such as: obedience or rally, conformation, showmanship, drill team, and/or costume.

From Rockwall County, Katie showed this last July and boy did they do good and looks like the had lots of fun!!

1st of 12 in Senior Showmanship
1st of 4 in Senior Novice B Obedience
1st of 25 in Tricks
1st of 3 in Standard Excellent Agility
2nd of 14 in Senior Costume
3rd of 10 in Senior Novice B Rally
3rd of 12 in Toy Group
3rd of 3 in Senior Jumpers Excellent Agility

If you want to learn more about the 4-H Dog Project and just have fun with your dog come to the Dog Project Workouts on the 2nd Wednesdays of each Month in Terrell at the Pet Spa on Hwy 80 in Terrell.  For more information call the Extension Office

2011-2012 4-H Food Show and Food Challenge Packet is now Available

The 2011-2012 4-H Food Show and Food Challenge Packet is now available. The guidelines can also be viewed at the link listed below.   http://fcs.tamu.edu/food_and_nutrition/4-h_youth.php
The 2012 Food Show Packet includes the guidelines, rules and regulations for the Food Show, and the Food Challenge at State Roundup. The website also includes all contest documents in a fillable PDF format. Please discard the 2011 Roundup materials as information in the guide has changed.
Please review changes and reminders to the contest rules and paperwork.

Youth Poultry Newsletter

The latest issue of the Youth Poultry Newsletter is attached. It can also be found at:
In this issue:
· Important announcements regarding poultry show dates and bird pick-up times
· Basic guidelines for raising show broilers
· Wingband care
We also have an email account now set-up that allows youth, county agents and ag teachers to directly contact our interns who process broiler and turkey orders. The address is:

2011-2012 4-H Clothing Packet Available

The 2011-2012 4-H Clothing Packet is now available at http://fcs.tamu.edu/clothing/4h/packet/index.php
The 2012 Clothing Packet includes the guidelines, rules and regulations for the Fashion Show, Stage Design Contest and the Fashion Storyboard Contest at State Roundup. The website also includes all contest documents in a fillable PDF format. Please discard the 2011 Roundup materials as information in the guide has changed.
Please review changes and reminders to the contest rules and paperwork.
  • All Fashion Storyboard entries for Texas 4-H Roundup will be required to register on 4-H Connect and pay the registration fee.
  • The following design brief will serve as the direction for the 2012 Fashion Storyboard contest.
Around the World - Use your fashion passport to explore people, places, culture and fashion around the world. Use what you learn about other parts of the globe to inspire your creation.
  • District Natural Fiber winners will be eligible to compete in the Fashion Show Natural Fiber Contest at the Texas 4-H Roundup. Entries in the Natural Fiber contest do not have to be the same as the entries in the Buying or Construction division. Just a reminder, district winners in the Fashion Show category (casual, dressy, formal, specialty) in buying or construction division are no longer eligible to compete in the Natural Fiber contest, unless they win the district Natural Fiber Contest. If a participant is a district Fashion Show Buying or Construction winner and a district Natural Fiber winner they will be able to compete in both at State Roundup.
  • This year’s 4-H Quilt Challenge will be limited to the first 75 persons/groups who return the Quilt Challenge request form. Request forms will be accepted starting September 15th. Quilts can be entered into one of the three following categories: appliqued, pieced or combination. Quilters will be able to use an unlimited number of fabrics in their quilt.
  • 3 copies of the required Fashion Show paperwork are due May 9, 2012.
Just a few reminders:
  • Each district may send one contestant from each of the four categories (casual, dressy, formal and specialty) in buying and construction and one contestant from each of the two categories (cotton and wool/mohair) in Natural Fiber.
  • All Fashion Show entries will complete a 2012 Texas 4-H Fashion Show Entry Form along with the division worksheet for the contest that they are competing in. The Fashion Show Entry Form includes a picture of the garment, project information regarding goals, project related activities and signatures.
Deadlines for Clothing Contests:
Friday, October 21, 2011 and Friday, June 1, 2012
§ 4-H Clothing and Textile Advisory Board Applications (4-H members, volunteer leaders and agents)
Friday, February 3, 2012
§ Stage Design Contest – Application
Wednesday, May 9, 2012
§ 4-H Fashion Show Entries
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
§ Fashion Storyboard Check-in
The deadlines listed are the dates that applications and entries need to be received at the state level. Please remind participants that NO late entries will be accepted for any of the contests. Also remind all contestants to read the instructions carefully as points will be deducted for incomplete or incorrect paperwork.
Please share these guidelines with 4-H leaders, volunteers and youth in your county. These guidelines along with additional resources are posted at http://fcs.tamu.edu/youth/.
If you have any questions, or if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call. Good Luck with your 2012 Clothing Program!

Fashion Story Board Workshop - September 24th - 9:30 - 2 pm

So just what is the Fashion Story Board Contest?? 

The 4-H Fashion Storyboard is an industry-inspired method of displaying of original designs.  The best storyboards create vivid visual images that are interesting and appealing to viewers.  The storyboard “tells the story” of the designer’s idea.  The storyboard includes original illustrations and flats, as well as, additional materials (such as photos from the internet or magazines, paper, fabric swatches, patterns, etc.) that have influenced the unique design.

Fashion Storyboard basics. To participate in the 4-H Fashion Storyboard Contest, a 4-H member creates an original design based on the design brief for the given year. The storyboard includes original illustrations and flats, as well as additional materials (such as photos from the internet or magazines, paper, fabric swatches, patterns, etc.) that have influenced the design. Requirements for the Fashion Storyboard are in the state guidelines, which are updated and distributed annually.

To look at some examples of last years story boards go look at District 8 4-H Pics. You will see the fun and the creativity into making story boards of all types.  Then sign up for the Fashion Story Board Workshop on Saturday, September 24th by Tuesday, September 21st to the Extension Office (972) 932-9069.  Those that RSVP will get their boards provided for them that day.  There is a $5 supply fee (for paper, scrapbooking type supplies, etc).  Come have some fun!!!

Other Resources that are helpful can be found.
Printed/Web resources:
Texas 4-H Fashion Storyboard

Unraveling the Mystery of Design Elements and Principles in Clothing
4-H Fashion Storyboard Contest Rules & Guideline

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4-H Horse club members prepare for State Hippology Contest

Horse Hippology and Quiz Bowl Members will participate in a practice for the Hippology contest on August 27, 2011. Contact Project Team Leader Tiffany Gravelle for more information.

Multi County Club Officer Training Reminder

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Texas 4-H Rabbit Extravaganza Information

Texas 4-H Rabbit Extravaganza Information
The Texas 4-H Rabbit Extravaganza is open to official Texas 4-H-age enrolled members. The event includes opportunities for youth to exhibit their rabbit projects in numerous breeds in addition to single fryers and meat pens. 4-H members without rabbits also may participate in a variety of other educational events. These include Art (graphic and handicrafts), Best Dressed Rabbit (costume), Breed Identification, Educational/Promotional Rabbit Posters and Displays, Hands-on-Judging (by the youth), Photography, Rabbit Quiz Bowl, and Showmanship. This event takes place in the Fall of every year.

2011 Date: November 19, 2011

2011 Location :  Coryell County Activities Complex, Gatesville, Texas

2011 Texas 4-H Rabbit Extravaganza CatalogTBA

2010 Contest Informationlink


TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME ~ The Texas 4-H Foundation has two (2) exciting opportunities for county/4-H clubs to earn funds for the 2011-2012 Texas 4-H year. What better combination than "America's favorite pass-time" and "Texas 4-H" ....

We are excited to announce the 2nd Annual "Green Out" 4-H Event to kick-off the 2011-12 Texas 4-H year! To view a SPECIAL invite from Nolan Ryan, visit our website http://texas4hfoundation.org/texas-4-h-alliances/rangers-baseball-green-out-4-h-event/
The discounted tickets are on sale now for the 2011 Texas 4-H “GREEN OUT” event to kick off the 2011-12 4-H year with Major League Baseball’s club the Texas Rangers vs. Los Angeles Angels on August 27, 2011, at the Ballpark in Arlington. There is a Pre-Game Concert by MercyMe, presented by I Am Second. This will be a fun-filled day of family, friends, and fellowship for all to enjoy.
Every ticket holder will receive a FREE one-of-a-kind GREEN OUT t-shirt sponsored by the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Company which will include the Rangers, 4-H, and Texas Farm Bureau Insurance logos. To receive your green out t-shirts, tickets must be purchased by Friday, August 12, 2010. Tickets can be still purchased after this Friday, we just will not be able to guarantee a t-shirt. 
Every County and 4-H club has the opportunity to sell GREEN OUT tickets as a fundraiser for their County 4-H program. Prizes will be awarded for the member, club or county 4-H that sales the most tickets. The Texas Rangers organization has been gracious enough to not only give us a discounted ticket rate, but are giving $3.00* for every ticket purchased to the County 4-H program that sells tickets. The more tickets you sell, the more money you can make for your County 4-H! Attached you will find the order form or you can download more information at the website.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

County Liner 4-H'ers volunteer at the Adopt A Pet in Terrell

Members of the County Liners 4H Club volunteered August 6th to help run an Adopt-A-Pet at Terrell Tractor Supply Company. Along with walking the dogs and making sure they had water, the kids also sold hotdogs, cold water, crape myrtle trees, and raffled off a gift card that Tractor Supply generously donated to them. It was a hot day, but they had a great turn out. Many thanks to Connor & Alicia Baird, Isaac & Reuben Stecher, Mackenzie & Hayden Craft and Clark Eastridge. A big thank you to Tractor Supply--especially Danielle-- for all their hard work in helping put this adventure together.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

4-H Club Officer’s Training

   On August 20th, at the Dallas Audubon they will be hosting the Annual County Officer Training with Rockwall, and Dallas Counties.  This will be a great opportunity for Club Officer's to either get a brush up for their duties as a club officer or learn from scratch.  It is also a great opportunity to make friends from neighboring counties that you will see at the district leadership events.
   The day will start with the County Council Officers Checking In first to help get the day ready and the club officers coming in for registration at 10:15 in the morning.

Morning session from 8:30 to 11:00 am for County Council Officer Teams only

8:30 am   Registration (County Council Teams)

8:45 am   Welcome/Icebreakers/Overview for the training

9:00 am   Team-building Games (teaching to council officers, so they can lead the games later)

10:15 am County Council Officer Break Out Session (planning for the year, expectations of officers)
                (ends at 11:15)

11:00 am Registration (Club Officer Teams)

11:15 am (Set-up for First Session)

11:30 am First Session (President, All Vice Presidents, Secretary) / 4-Hers not in these roles will be doing team building games with County Council Officers leading the games

12:30 pm Lunch

1:00 pm  Second Session (Reporter, Treasurer, Council Delegate) / 4-Hers not in these roles will be doing team building games with County Council Officers leading the games

2:00 pm Club Break Out Session (time for individual clubs to plan events

3:00 pm Closing Thoughts/ Sharing Session

4:00 pm  Home Sweet Home

$5 per person (adult/youth)
Breaks will be “re-fueling on the go”, meaning no set breaks, but we will have snacks for the council teams in the morning and everyone in the afternoon.

Directions to Dallas Audubon: 
Take I 30/80 or Hwy 175 to Dallas.  You will need to exit at the Buckner Blvd and turn left onto Great Trinity Forest Way.  The Dallas Audubon is down about 3 miles on the left hand side of the road.  Follow the signs around to the Center.

Bring with You: 
Water Bottle
Good Walking shoes
You can wear 4-H Length shorts and a t-shirt (no tanks or string tops)
Your Kaufman County 4-H String Back Pack (If you do not have one you will receive one at the Training)

I will have for you:
Kaufman County 4-H Calendar and Goodies since you are a Club Officer

If you have any questions please call the extension office (972) 932-9069

Re-enrollment in 4-H begins August 1st

    All members must re-enroll in 4-H every year. Enrollment will be on line via the 4-H Connect program. If you already have a profile set up on 4-H Connect, all you need to do is update your profile information and select you want to enroll for the new 2011-2012 4-H year. However, this year there is a new state participation fee, which 4-H Connect will ask you how you would like to pay the $20 fee. Please select credit card or e-check.  Adult leaders and Clovers Kids are not required to pay the $20 fee.
    It is very important you re-enroll as soon as possible to keep updated on upcoming 4-H events. On July 31st, the 4-H Connect program will archieve everyone now currently enrolled. Our office has been emailing you with information on upcoming 4-H events, however, after July 31st, we will no longer have your email information until you re-enroll. If you will be participating in events that will occur in August, September or  October, please re-enroll as soon as possible to allow us to keep you updated with due dates and events.  This includes entering into Fall Livestock Shows.
    Also, due to the great support of community businesses and fund-raising from the youth council we will be able to this year for the youth that completed project record books and turned them into the county on time to receive $10.00 towards their Annual Enrollment Fee.  For the those that qualified for District Competition they will receive an additional $10.00 !!!  For the kiddos that did Member Achievement Plan (MAP) they will receive $5.00. If you are one of these kiddos you will receive a certificate the night of the banquet.  More information will come on how you will re-enroll that night.