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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Henderson County Youth Livestock 101 clinic

Updates to the 2020 State 4-H Roundup

State 4-H Roundup contest rules updates. Here is a short list of what is changing or being up dated....
Look to the State 4-H Roundup 2020 site for more details.

The following Contests did have changes this year to their State Rules and Guidelines, please be sure and review for specifics online. I have highlighted some information below.

1. Consumer Decision Making – Added 4 new categories and removed 4 previously used categories
2. Duds to Dazzle – a few modifications to the rules, denoted in the Guide with a blue New icon!
3. Family Community Health Quiz Bowl (formerly Nutrition Quiz Bowl) – Nutrition resources did not change. Added 3 categories from Healthy Lifestyles Contest and 1 category from Consumer Decision Making to the contest.
4. Food Challenge – Several changes this year to the Food Challenge rules for the State contest. Be sure and review. All changes are denoted with a purple NEW icon! NOTE: The State Fair of Texas and Heart of Texas contest this fall will follow the 2018-2020 Food Challenge Contest Rules.
5. Food Show – Theme this year is “Food Around the World”. Contest changes are denoted with a purple NEW icon!
6. Healthy Lifestyles – New categories for this year – ATV Safety, Sunglasses, Sports Injury Prevention, E-cigarettes & Vaping
7. Hippology – One new resource added – Horse Smarts
8. Horse Judging – Removed calf roping from the performance classes. Also Halter classes will be chosen from stock type breeds.
9. Livestock Quiz Bowl (replaced Beef and Swine Quiz Bowl) – Use of Ohio Guide for resources along with Quality Counts Curriculum – NOTE: For 2020 HLSR Beef Quiz Bowl, the contest will use the 2019-2020 Beef Quiz Bowl Resources which can be found at https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/quiz/
10. Robotics Challenge – a few contest rules have been denoted in red in the August 2019 contest rules
11. Veterinary Science Skill-a-thon – As a reminder, as of the 2019 contest, youth do not have to be “pre-selected” to compete.
12. Wildlife Challenge – Contestants will compete as Individuals only, no Team entries

The following contest will no longer be part of the Texas 4-H Roundup registration. They will be stand-alone state level registrations in 4-H CONNECT. Similar to the State 4-H Photography contest.

2nd video for Record Book Prep - Keeping Track

This is the second in a series for Record Book Prep. This Video shows how and some examples what to keep track of this 4-H year.